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At least the NDP got more seats, and can perhaps further the argument for proportional representation. Something is rotten in Denmark for the Bloc to have 51 seats with 10% of the popular vote, while NDP only have 29 seats with 17%.

I ended up voting NDP since Steve had a point a few posts back about Layton actually being effective, and because my Green Party candidate was well, unseen and unheard. Not that it mattered-the Liberal scumbag won anyway. The Dorf voted for him-I asked him how it felt to vote for someone who actually won.

I am thankfully that it's a Minority government, and that Harper will be well constrained. I give it 20 months until the next election. I sure Harper will fuck something up badly by then.


Yes another tory gov't. you know was it Harper that said Canadians wanted change? Not sure now but what change is what I say? it seems to me canadian federal politics is like a coin with two sides only, haha we'll see what happens...

i did green. oh well, not like I thought they'd win

At least you voted. That's the most important part. :)

I like the fact that it's such a slim minority. In theory at least it should make it easier for the other parties to keep Harper and company in check and keep them from being, well, so conservative.

The only thing that worries me is that they'll be able to sneak a few things through that they probably shouldn't be able to get away with since the Liberals won't want an election before they pick a new leader in the Fall. that's a little worrying, but I'm willing to try to look on the bright side for now.

250 million to get, oh, the SAME THING WE ALREADY HAD.


And yeah, we get ok voter turnout. I think it was 65% or something.

I like the way they calculate the percentage of the popular vote for the Bloc, as if it was a national party. They (whoever 'they' are) should calculate the percentage of the Quebec vote for the Bloc and publish that number; even doing it that way, I think they still got more seats than they would've under PR.

Thanks for visiting my site the other day! I've linked to your site.

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