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I caved, to a meme

Fucking Nicole.

Seven Things to DO before I die.
  1. Eat enormous amounts of Assorted Fruit Sours
  2. Finally lose weight WITHOUT the benefit of LSD
  3. Actually officially publish. Those fake contests and/or university "zines" don't really count
  4. Learn German to translate Rilke on my own
  5. Develop a dislike for greasy pizza
  6. Become Prime Minister and remove taxes on all feminine hygiene products
  7. Learn to Fly

Seven Things I Cannot DO

  1. Drive
  2. Not use the word "FUCK" at least three times a hour
  3. TRULY hate a person (BELIEVE ME, I've tried)
  4. Put my legs behind my head (again, I've tried). Most of the Kama Sutra falls i\under this actually.
  5. Wear a watch. I stops em. it's magic!
  6. Be nice to cuntwhores. You know who you are.
  7. Accessorize.

Seven Things that attract me to Blogging

  1. Lack of real friends. Here I can be COOL. (riigghhhttt)
  2. I always keep journals
  3. I'm JUST THIS MUCH narcissistic
  4. I like other people from this distance
  5. Fills up the time between getting to work and DOING work.
  6. It confuses most of the peole I know if I say "Blog"
  7. I can be my asshole self, and NO ONE CARES! BWAHAHA!

Seven Things I Say Most Often

  1. Dude. (Sorry Nicole, sadly, I do this as well)
  2. N-O means Nu-uh. (River's Edge people...)
  3. Why don't you try that and get back to me?
  4. Fucktard
  5. While we're at it, can I have a pony too?
  6. Ummm, yeah, anyway....

Seven Books I Have Loved

  1. Good Omens
  2. Lilith's Brood
  3. Atlas Shrugged
  4. The Fountainhead
  5. Elizabeth The Queen
  6. Cosmos
  7. The Belgariad (I know, it's a series...)

Seven Movies I have a sick fetish for

  1. Heathers
  2. L.A Confidential
  3. Usual Suspects
  4. 28 Days Later
  5. Say Anything
  6. Grosse Pointe Blank
  7. Vanity Fair (w/Reese Whithershego whatever. I know,WEIRD)

Seven Suckers

  1. Carin (sorry-I AM curious)
  2. Owl

That's it. Anyone else, can do it as they see fit. I always feel like it's a bloody popularity contest to get people to do these, so fuck it.

You SO love me! ;)

I liked "Lilith's Brood" too! That was the other title by Octavia Butler that I couldn't think of. Seriously, I've got the memory of an 83 year old!

Love "Usual Suspects," too.

What a lovely picture you paint of yourself - an excellent use of expressive language. And, I'm fucking honoured you asked me to do this fucking thing.


Well there ya go. I did it. Feel free to check it out and get weirded out or whatever.

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