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I'm not sorry there's nothing to say.


I work for a company that, along with other things, provides insurance. I currently administrate our customer survey for various things. This means I have the glamourous job of compiling the data, and providing a read out.

This also means that at the end of the month, I end up transcribing customer messages. That's what I'm doing today (while trying to fend off the headache I gave myself playing with perfume at the Bay)

What's really striking me is the amount of people who do not seem to understand what insurance is. I hear multiple people complaining that they need to pay a deductible, that we shouldn't charge them if it's not "techinically" their fault, and that it's terrible that we state the consequences of lying to your insurance company since they pay their fees every month.

I was raised to look at insurance as a fail safe. You do NOT want to use it, and if you need it, it's likely your fault somehow, and aren't you lucky to have it to fall back on. People sit there bitching that they could save their fees, and purchase whatever it is that has the problem.

Riiiggghhhhttt. If you could do that, you would. But you can't, can you?

I'm struck by the absolute dislike of taking ANY personal responsibility. We make you feel uncomfortable stating that, gee, LYING in some cases is a crime. I didn't realize we were here to give you warm fuzzies. Oh, you didn't know that if you did this certain thing, it just might HURT your item? I'm so sorry. Do we need a nap while were at it?

I seem to recall as a child knowing there were two types of people in this world. Smaller kid type people, and bigger, very smart adult type people. The more I look around, the more I come to doubt that this is still the case. We have no rites of passage into adulthood. Idiocy and laziness is rewarded. Acting like an infant, childish humour, these things are all the rage now. How on earth is a kid to feel like a kid, or that growing up is a good thing?

I'm only just now beginning to feel like an adult as the people around me begin to have their kids. I spent most of my twenties wondering when I'd feel like a grown up. It's a rotten feeling, and I think it's manifesting in horrible ways. It explains why people bug me lately. All we have are 40 year old kids, running around forgetting the manners and whining about how life "isn't fair."

In the words of my father when I was a kid:

"Suck it up. It only gets worse."

Herge will be one of those people that end up in the forties, running around forgetting the manners and whining about how life "isn't fair.". 'cept the "life isn't fair" bit.

Who wants to grow up, anyway? Not me. Our own place, yes, but be grown up? Never. We're actually moving into our own house in the next few weeks, and we are spending a lot on insurances of various types. I like to be covered, but it does all seem rather expensive sometimes...

I'm still stuck on the fact that people think that punishing a liar is unfair. What preschool WOULDN'T that concept be taught in??

If these people can't function as adults, is it safe to let them OWN anything that needs to be insured?? I mean, seriously.

By the way, that comment by your father? Is pure genius and should be engraved on a PLAQUE somewhere.

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