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Live through this, and you won't look back

So a friend, Chas, lent me "Set Yourself on Fire" by Stars. I have been listening to this record nonstop since the other day, and it inspired me to write again! So I'm in the process of plotting out what may turn into a script. I've always wanted to write down the events of my adolescence, i.e. the drugs, finding my birth mother, coming to terms with my father's drinking, the loss of my mother, etc, etc, etc. This album is like the frickin soundtrack of certain moments in my life.

For those of you who write, and have suffered long term writers block beyond small pieces of prose, you'll KNOW this feeling. It's like I was constipated for years, and only just came clear. It's an incredible feeling to have this "thing" germinating in my head, and forming so clearly and well. I'm so excited, and THAT my friends, hasn't happened in forever.

So, I'm going to buy this record on Friday to support the band, and hopefully start writing this weekend. And go buy it-these guys kick ASS. And that's from a person who thought she'd hate the band!

Hell, I get writers block from BLOGGING. So I know I don't stand half a chance with something as ambitious as a full script. Good going, Dor!! :)

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