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Young Love

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There is something cool about the thought that my girls will have eachother in the years to come. That they'll have these memories of their childhood separate from mine, colored by naivete, by joy and discovery, and in some ways, sadness.

I don't have that. My brother is 7 years senior, and we're adopted, so it's strained. Add to that the fact that my mother was sick and dying most of his teenage years, and there's a gulf. We've never had a sibling relationship, aside from the fact that after a day around him, I feel like killing him.

So as much as Rosalyn was debated, and a VERY big surprise, in the long run I'm glad they'll have eachother. I watch them playing together now, and already I can see the basic formings of a bond together, and at the same time I can see them as teenagers, arguing about their rooms, or the internet or friends. I can see them together as one, or both, becomes committed to another. I can see the joy in one having children, in sharing in being there.
I'm sure in some ways I'm seeing the "Hallmark" version of what "Sisters" could and should be. But since I have a half sister I didn't grow up with, who wanted a sister so badly, and I missed out on that, I do dream for them all the good things they SHOULD have.

Watch. They'll HATE eachother....

I always wanted a sister - that closeness, that unique bond. I still feel that there is nothing like it on earth.

Aww, Rosalyn's such a pretty name!

They'll hate each other but it'll be that obligatory love/hate thing that siblings have going on. They'll back each other up in the event of a fight but they'll still pretend they're not related when they're in public.

You know, that heartwarming bond that you see on TV?

I always wanted a close sibling as well. The teenage years might be tough, but they will work it out I'm sure.

I'm an only child. I always wanted a sibling of either sex. I now have two teenage boys. 2 and half years a part.
Now they get long for the most of the time.
The word I would use to explain being an only child is "Lonely"

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