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Heard at Home

"Can I jiggle your belly Mommy?"

"uh, ok."

jiggle. jigglejigglejiggle.

"Can I jiggle you breasts Mommy?"

"uh....NO. No you can't."

"Jiggle my breasts?"

"Yes. ABSOLUTELY. Go to town Vivian."

It's time to lose weight.

That sound? Me falling over w/ a big *thud* and cackling unti my own boobies are jiggling.

YEEOWCH!!!! Kids pull no punches, do they??

I'm sure mine would NEVER ask to jiggle my boobs. Just because there wouldn't be enough boobage present to jiggle.

Wait..."go to TOWN???" Hilarious!

the fact that I CAN be jiggled is what's scary. And it's not jiggly in a giggly beach party way either.

She on the other hand, finds it hilarious, so I'm glad the extra pounds I've put on this past year are amusing in some way.

Just wanted to say hello from a fellow parent of a Vivienne.


lol Thats hilarious. I'd love to meet Vivian, sounds like a smart kid.

Heheh... Laughed out loud at that... very nice! I'm going to be a father for the first time in September, so I can see that I have a lot to look forward to!

-Tom Coffee

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