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All's quiet on the eating front.

As an outgrowth of an argument from somewhere else, I've been thinking about my stance on kids in resturants.

I don't like kids in resturants. Ok, let me qualify that-I don't like annoying kids with defective parents.

If I go to a small greasy spoon, or McDicks or a food court, I expect and don't mind children. I wish more parents raised their kids to have at least basic decorum and manners, but I expect a certain level of noise and chaos, with that many people and kids around.

However, when I'm about to spend 100+ dollars on a rare night out, I don't want to deal with someone who thinks they can take their kids everywhere.

Some people contend that children only learn how to behave by taking them out so they can figure it out. But that's horsecrap. The only resturant I ever went to as a child was the local family one down the street. I KNEW that if I did not behave in that place as I was expected to at home, I'd get me a whoopin. Plain and simple. My mother taught me the proper table manners and social niceties, and directed me to use them outside of the house. I didn't need to "experience" a nicer resturant in order to know how to behave. I was taught to behave, period.

It's bloody irritating to go out to an ADULT establishment and find kids there. Because it's adult space. What ever happened to adult time and space? I know that we're this grand child centric society now, but why is it so "wrong" to want to have places and things that are only for adults? Are we so undervalued now that it is wrong for me to desire having my beer without a toddler next to me? What am I teaching my child if I act like everything is for them?

Remember when, as little girls, you weren't allowed to wear high heels until 13 or older, because they were something for WOMEN, and not girls? Whatever happened to rites of passage like these? Whatever happened to realizing that somethings are not for everyone?

I wonder where that other conversation could have taken place.

It sounds familiar somehow.

I'm with you on this one. The girls aren't ready for the expensive adult restaurants. Not because they'd misbehave; they're fairly civilized in public by now. They'd be bored to tears and the adults at the surrounding tables would be uncomfortable. At those prices, the adults deserve to enjoy themselves.

There are too many other places where I can take them and relax. I'll save the candlelight dinner for a time when my husband I can enjoy it.

(Although both of us may have to be wheeled in by the time that happens).

I couldn't agree more! Why can't parents practice table-manners with their children, or at least follow through with ultimatums. Take your child to the car if s/he misbehaves and the adults can take turns eating.

TOTALLY agree, man.

I have rolled my eyes at parents who take screaming toddlers out to a public place and do NOTHING about it. Control your children. I don't care what parenting style you have, letting your child act like a horse's ass in a restaurant should not be part of it.

We're parents, but we need adult time. We don't need other peoples' kids around SHRIEKING when we have those few rare moments of interaction. Period.

I think we'll wait for Rita to be 30 before taking her to a restaurant. hahaha

Or at least wait for her to be able to understand that throwing your food at nearby patrons? NOT cool. (Believe it or not, a child actually did this to me once. The mother was like "please don't do that dear" and kept going with her conversation with her adult friend. Nice.

I agree! My eldest though is very well behaved in resturants. When we go, I have her Video Now Jr with us and a set of earphones so she can watch a program. Then, we also bring other little things to play with for her. Also, when we order we ask for them to bring her meal when its ready. She takes forever to eat, so it keeps her busy when we are still waiting. The "fanciest" I would dare to take her too is Red Lobster or Chili's. Other resturants, where you have to mortgage your house to eat at are definately a no-go, if she DOES at out (which she dosent, or else she is threatened with being banned to the car) I would hate to ruin someone elses night out.

Why Granny, I have NO IDEA what website you might be talking about..

I'm all for taking them to TGIF or Red Lobster or Mike's or whereever. IF the place has a kids meal, then I get it. Otherwise, pay 20.00 for a sitter for 3 hours.

I like kids, really. I just don't want my curry disturbed by them.

Stars all around.

OT, but I think I upset someone at the place with the gold stars because I have not gotten any new ones in months. Despite being brilliant, insightful, funny and just all around fabulous. :)

I sort of agree with your take on dining with kids in tow. There are several places here that I would not take my son. But there are several more that are not McDicks (hehe), or greasy spoons, that I feel are appropriate. I also think the timing of said meal matters. Brunch or a very early dinner on say a Tuesday night, is a different game than making reservations for 8pm on a Saturday.

and here's my turn to be a terminal asshole. I think the word you're looking for is restaurant. My screen-reader keeps sounding like a freak everytime it encounters your spelling of it. Otherwise I probably wouldn't even notice. But it says something like re stoor rants so it screams at me. Sorry. I totally agree with your point though.

I love that. The thought of you hearing that over and over amuses me more than you could know.

My god, with all the typos in most blogs, you must go nuts with the reader.

Hahaha sometimes, especially when they start talking in letespeak. Some typos slip under the radar, it just depends on whether they end up violating some rule of pronunciation or not. Grins.

Yep, Carin and I use the same screen reader and I noticed that too. I hate when people write bull shit like kewl instead of cool, or w00t... next person to write w00t needs to be shot in the boodie hole.

I just found your blog via the zero boss and have been enjoying your sarcasm.

I wanted to put in my two cents that I have two groundrules - if they offer high chairs and have a kids menu, it's a family place and although I teach good table manners kids are kids. You can only expect so much out of a 3 and 1 year old.

PS - barb m - you just typed the "w" word yourself so I guess it's you that you need to shoot in the boodie hole! And how does your reader handle the word "boodie" anyway?

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