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Watching the watcher

So they find Jon Benet's killer, finally, ten years on, after many lives ruined, crumbled, broken.

And all I can think to do is say nothing.

The accused has the look of someone wanting validation, wanting attention, loving, lapping up the pictures of himself strewn across pages and screens.

And to that I say "I think not."

What I would rather do, and see, are people pointedly mute to this man. Not to his crime, but to what he says. No longer will I open up the articles on him, and the pieces of information that he dribbles out. I will stand quietly and watch, refusing to give into his smug demenor, the knowledge that he got away with this for so very long.

That little girl deserves that much at least.

I wonder if he is an attention whore, if he did it at all.

I read there were details only he could have known.

I think about the hell that family experienced. First from the police and then from the media which never stopped.

Wow, I didn't think of it that way. I almost can't fathom someone so depraved and so monstrous that he could actually find pleasure basking in his murderous limelight.

I really wish BB would stop featuring his picture in related posts. Beyond yuck.

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