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It's gotta be pink!

So, while we are winning the potty war with Vivian, I'm also constantly bombarded with this request.

"I need a stool step Mommy"

To which I keep replying, yes yes, like I have been for the past 3 weeks or so. We went to Home Hardware, but all they had were white and grey, which brought a new idea to Vivian's small but evil brain.

"I want PINK Mommy. A Pink Stool Step"


Now, if anyone has every shopped in a small crappy city, you'll be aware that it's highly unlikely you will find any kind of stool in pink. Or if you do, it will cost 30.00 and be impossible to put together if you follow the instructions (yes Pooh Bear, I'm talking about YOU)

So I'm sitting here thinking about buying the crappy plastic one and spray painting it pink, if pink spray paint exists, because really, I cannot be bothered to search anymore for the bloody thing. And she's absolutely insistant on pink, since she talks about it every fricken time she goes potty.

If it isn't one thing, it's another it seems...

You should be able to find pink spray paint. I found purple and turquoise once, so...

And all the pink ones I saw had logo on it (princesses or barbie or some similar shit) so good luck finding a cheap one.

Cute that she likes pink, though. lol

If you do spray paint the stool be sure to rough the finish up with sandpaper or spray on primer first. Spray paint doesn't like to stick to finished services. Which I learned trying to spray paint a finished dresser. OR buy some Princess orflower stickers and let her decorate it, maybe she'll forget the need for a pink stool. ;-)

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