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Moving Soon

Just so y'all know, as soon as I get all the posts dumped over (I'm up to February), I'll be hauling ass to


This beta shit is for the birds, and wordpress is prettier. Sure, I can't mess with the CSS, but even when I did it didn't do anyone any favours.

And before anyone asks, yes I WOULD have imported my blog if I could have. You can't with beta so I need to manually move every. freaking.post. Well, not every one. Some aren't making the move-think of it as throwing away all the old underpants in your drawer.

I'm hoping to have everything "officially" moved over by the end of the month-I don't have a ton of time on my hands to sit and do this. I'll post the new address again when I'm ready to rock over there, and if someone can tell me how to set up an automatic redirect, I'd love you.

Have no fear, I won't disappear. :)

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ug! The idea of moving a blog by hand makes me shiver. gicky.

love the name of this blog. Keeps me laughing.

love the name of this blog. Keeps me laughing.

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