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Ah....one day left until work

You know you've been alone with your kids too long when work seems alluring. Despite my "I'm not working while I'm off" ordinance, I'm actually craving going back to work. And not just because I want to walk to work and play with the new toy the Dorf got me for my birthday.

He came back yesterday, smelling slightly beerish, but otherwise ok. (Some jackass CHECKED BEER which then exploded on it's way to Toronto, going all over the suitcase-who travels with beer?)

After we got reaccquainted, we ordered in from Pizza hut (just a small personal for me thanks-I was good and had Lentil Soup for dinner). He ordered the wings.

7 hours later he wakes me up to hold him because he's freezing and shivering because something was wrong with the wings. Once again, the boy had a mild case of food poisoning. So he's home from work, and resting upstairs, destroying my sleep in chances, since he was up puking half the night.

On a good note, he came home with my new favorite album, by The Essex Green, and older one by the Decemberists (waiting for the new one to arrive-it's out today I believe) and this damn cool Wonder Woman book I was almost going to buy with the GC someone gave me for my birthday.

I love presents, and he's finally beginning to realize this.

So, all is almost normal again here, thankfully. He seems refreshed by having a break, which was why I bothered him to go in the first place. You can't spend all your time around your kids now can you.

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I'm glad things are settling down; I think you need to cut loose.

LMAO at the beer... Some people.

Oh and heard about the salmonella. Gross. Advantages of being a vegetarian? Maybe.

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