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I don't know WHAT the fricken problem with Blogger is, but I've had it. I just lost a post I spent 40 minutes on, and I'm A LITTLE BIT PEEVED.

I'm going to be a loser copy cat and move this shit over to wordpress. It will take awhile but ARGH

I'm SO fucking ANNOYEd right now. Piece of shit crap balls monkeyballs.



Yeah, it's gotten easier to import your whole blog into Wordpress now, too. Not sure how it will deal with Blogger Beta, though.

And you wanted me to switch to Blogger????

Actually, if it wasn't for the melancholy of leaving behind my blog of a few years, I'd be blogging on MySpace.com. But I hate to leave my ol' buddy behind. lol

Why don't you tell us what you really think?

I've had some problems too as well as problems with Firefox. I've begun saving draft copies of my posts in my email (before I even try to save them in Blogger).

They don't look as neat when I copy them back but I can live with that.

Sadly landis, it will NOT import beta blogs.

Everything was FINE before this beta crap. Fuckers.

No way in hell I'd blog on myspace-I've said it before-that's where grammar goes to die. I have a profile there only to talk to people I know, period. I hate that crap.

I imported over what I wanted from 2005 last night, and will likely do the rest tonight, then move over my blogroll, etc.

If wordpress fucks up, I'll just start paying for it somewhere.

Now, does anyone know how to set an automatic redirect?

"where grammer goes to die." Hahahahahaha!
Man, I'm so glad I didn't switch over to beta.
Good luck with wordpress; see ya there.

Ug that sucks about losing a whole post. That would make me cry. That's why I alwyas save them in notepad. Fuck online editors. My email used to be very fond of making meals out of long email messages I'd write via the web.

Blogger's been driving me damned insane, too. ARGH.

I have a profile on myspace too (same reason but a friend (Angela of course) fancied it up for me.

I got it because another blogging friend asked me to.

Come chat sometime.

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