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Postcard RECEIVED!

So we joined in with Thingamababy to have a "Postcard Exchange" for the kidlet. And here is what AJ's daughter sent Viv! (who LOVED THIS btw)

I thought it was so cool to get a glimpse into another little girl's world, especially since one of my favorite things to read about as a child was the redwood forests. Someday, I will see them with my own eyes.

We sent CJ a postcard as well, and hopefully she gets it, showing her some things from the east coast. It's an amazing thing, considering she's on one end of the continent, and we're on the other. OR, I'm easily amused.

Vivian LOVED the idea of getting, and sending mail (and CJ, the scrawl on the postcard is, according to Vivian, a mosquito and a kite.)

And you know what, I love this idea SO MUCH that I want to continue it from my end as well-if anyone would like to trade postcards with Vivian, email me and we'll figure it out. Cause who doesn't love fun mail?

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What a fun idea! Max would love to send and receive postcards.

Email me your mailing address, and I'll send mine. VIvian got a kick out of it. :P

This is a VERY cool idea. My almost-three-year-old daughter was insanely excited when she got a thank-you card after a friend's party.

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