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It's Sunday again

My feet hurt. I just walked the asses off two children, which, while resulting in some quiet time and an opportunity to prep dinner (orange ginger chicken with sweet potaoes...YUM!), also left my feet aching. I keep feeling like I sprained my ankle, but it comes and goes, and when it returns, it's accompanied by PAIN in my heel when I walk. Any thoughts internet?

It's so nice though, to have them at the age where we can go out for a few hours and not worry about freak outs. 3 hours seems to be the max before little persons lose their minds. But Vivian can walk and walk, which is so awesome. I never thought I'd ever look forward to getting rid of strollers. But the bastard bus service here says strollers must be folded (although those giant walkers you can sit on are a-ok) and whomever invented the unbrella stroller made them for midgets, cause lord knows, I can't use it without wanting to die.

Best of all, was listening to the laughter of my girls as they tormented each other in the buggy (I got lazy at the mall), and watching other people REALLY smile as we walked past. And really, is there anything better than the crystal shot of a toddler laughing? I grin from ear to ear to hear them so happy and free.

And I barely got suckered into anything. Which is a victory. But we had to buy the Dorf's present from the girls (a 3 pack of Martian Manhunters if you must know) so I felt I had spent enough. But what is it with all the babies in Toys R Us? That's enough to make anyone have some baby lust I tell ya. So many new parents around. Suckers. I wouldn't want to go through that again for all the tea in China.

So that was my day. I had a rant all lined up about how I have to vote tomorrow and I don't give a rats ass, but the Liberal in my riding is young and fresh and I like that so I'll likely vote for him, but I don't care enough to rant about it. I love politics in Canada, don't you?

And because I have the Daniel Cook theme song in my head...

"This is Thordora squinting.."

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My heel does that to, usually when I've spent far too much time on concrete (grocery stores, etc)

I limp home, take some ibuprofen, and sit until it eases up. I have no clue what it is. I was blaming my age (and weight).

Nice squint. lol :-p

I look forward to the day that I don't need a big stroller anymore. Not because I want her to grow. But because those freakin' strollers are so inconvenient for people who are not dependant on their vehicles and depend on their own two feet and public transit. I feel your pain. My being the size I am and Rita being 17 lbs already, I don't need to carry EXTRA weight around. lol ;-)

I never know what the hell to do with the baby. It seems like since we traded in the bucket car seat for a stationary one, I am at a loss. I have tried the Hotsling, the stroller, just carrying him, it all sucks. Can't I just strap him to a skateboard with a jump rope and pull him behind me? Or maybe I can steal a cart from the grocery store and keep it in my back seat. I would only have to take out the last row seats and I would be all set!

Could be bone spurs, the SIL gets those and it is quite painful if she's on her feet for some time.

I'll send you squeak, that will get rid of your baby fever!

Luckily Rugrat hated her stroller once she started walking more. The umbrella, I can use but its too small for Glen to push. So, she kept up with us. It would wear her out and we'd get nap time.

I'm lucky that Ros likes the sling, until she gets bored and wants to walk. Then, I have to let her trot around.

Can't blame her though. I get sick of sitting.

Soon soon, I shall be able to walk places BWAAHAHAH!


And Jennifer-thanks, but the baby fever usually stops once they start crying. I do however feel bad for the parents of the little girl who's grandma got her one of those fischer price poppers....shudder....

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