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Breaking news or breaking wind?

So, I'm subscribed to "Breaking News Alerts" through CNN to try and kill my CNN addiction at work. (It's a problem I tell ya.)

And in the last hour I received:

Grammy-winning singer Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown, her publicist tells The Associated Press.


Several students were injured and two gunmen were killed inside Dawson College, Montreal, Canada, the administration office confirmed in a recorded message.

Can someone, ANYONE explain why someone getting a DIVORCE necessitates an email ALERT?

I mean really....

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I've been thinking how sad for Canada. My one Montreal friend is a teacher and I fretted until I saw her post today. She's okay but she knew many of the people at Dawson.

If you think CNN alerts are bad, check out Yahoo. Ridiculous.

Our one bit of sad news. One of my favorite politicians, Ann Richards of Texas, died. She was Governor right before G W Bush and what a difference.

Your whole problem is the fact that yu're getting your news from CNN. If you want to get allerts about actual news, try the CBC. They rarely bother you, and I'd say about 9 times out of 10 the emails are actually informative.


Sorry for my horrid typing there. Stupid screen reader won't let me see what I'm writting. Fuck that thing.

I wouldn't worry about your typing. I have those days all the time.

I have other news sources on my feeds-I just need to get rid of the CNN alerts. And the CBC drives me batty in an old lady kinda way.

I just find it amusing that will live in a culture that elevates these things to the same levels.

and you SHOULD be able to login to comment now.

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