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Pet Peeves a la office

For the last day or so, I have been unable to listen to music (I don't know why-all I know is I stupidly downloaded the Google Web Accelerator last week, and noticed EVERYTHING going wrong. I removed it, but something is right fucked)

So all the things I can normally block out with the help of something loud and metal, I am suddenly privy to. OH JOY.

The one really bugging me today is "People who can't whistle and really don't know the song anyway trying to whistle along to some crap song on the radio." I never EVER listen to the radio aside from CBC (for something classical) or Soma. And dude, really, if you can't whistle, just shut the hell up, m'kay?

My other personal favorite is the guy who thinks laughing loud enough to cause twitching is cool. Not only does he laugh like everyone should stop what they're doing and pay attention to him, he also has this sneeze that I swear you can hear on the other side of the office. People have mentioned this to him. Repeatedly. He still doesn't get it.

Isn't the cardinal rule of working with people that you stop doing stupid annoying shit when people ask you to? I kinda wear headphones since not everyone shares my love of The Essex Green or Made out of Babies(or god help me, the new Justin Timberlake song-I know I KNOW). I try to minimize my impact because people are FREAKISHLY annoying.

However, all the people who bitch and complain about the music on my headphones being too loud (I kid you not) are the exact same people who are annoying and irritating. It drives me absolutely insane.

Oh, and the "let's have a loud conversation for 20 minutes right beside your pod and then pretend we didn't know you were there despite the multiple times you were typing, on the phone or talking to yourself."? I HATE THAT. You have an office. USE IT.

And close your damn door if you're having a 2 hour conference call on SPEAKER. I don't CARE.

I hate this place.


So I'm sitting there and finally I lose it with the goddamn radio, and ask the other guy (the whistler) if he minds classical music, because the pop station was making my ears bleed. He says "no, go ahead and change it."

So I do. And it's a nice choral piece-a bit pompous, but nice after listening to Jojo and Rhianna and bunch of other crappy pon da reflux kinda people. So my brain is saying "calgon taking me away" when he starts whining.

"What is this? It's terrible. It's like bad horror movie stuff"

I tell him it's classical, choral, perhaps even from an opera. I don't know, but it's nice. A little culture won't hurt anyone. (I could HEAR the hurt feelings over THAT little comment)

"CAn we change it? Do you like classic rock?"

Do I like fricken classic rock? NO!! My ears have suffered enough what with the FREAKING goo goo dolls and theory of a deadman and a bunch of other PAP that people should pay ME for listening to. I don't want to turn on CRAP from 20 years ago! Tom FUCKING COCRANE?!?!?

I don't get it. I know that many people where I live seem to live sheltered little boring lives, but to not even make it through one choral piece? To not even TRY to like something new? I know that it's not force fed via Crapadian Idol or anything, so perhaps that's why it's hard? What is so bloody wrong with attempting to listen to something, especially since I listened to that fucking asstastic station ALL MORNING LONG! And believe me, I've lived in isolated little towns with better radio than here.

Of course...the scarier option would have been if he suggested turning to the christian rock station (assuming it still exists)

Man oh man that nauseated me today...what small worlds some of these people live in.

I'm with you on the laughing. There's this broad in my office whose cackle bellows from YARDS away. It's so rude and disruptive, not to mention TOTALLY uncalled for. Yet I'm forced to endure it every single, frickin day. Sorry but NOTHING in an office is that damn funny.

Ah, the office. How I don't miss it. (Present company excluded, of course!) ;)

I think I would rather become a hooker than go back there...

Just be happy it wasn't Country music.

I had a whistler at work the other day - beyond terrible.

most people are completely oblivious to anyone and everything around them - which leaves them as selfish, inconsiderate and self-absorbed assheads.

totally hit home for me on this one.

I haven't listened to an FM station for probably 8 years now. My car is consumed of AM talk radio.

Everyone thinks this is odd, but heaven forbid I actually I dunno want to control what I listen and what I like?

I actually work in a shared enviorment with other people and honestly I have to listen to music sometimes just with all the combination of headphone noise that is going on.

I dunno there is something about it.. like it sits on a range that you just can't ignore. Like a cricket or dripping faucet.

At my last job there was a woman who sat on the opposite end of the floor, who sang loudly and off-key to whatever she was listening to through her headphones. (usually crap)

It was a craptastic company for many reasons, but towards the end when I knew I was going to leave or be asked to leave, I started saying things like "Oh, shut the fuck up already" or "Does anyone hear a dying cat?" from my cube when I'd hear her start up with " And Iiiiii...willll always luv youooooiuuuuu". M my coworkers ahd a few laughs at least. :)

Get away from the Google Web Accelerator! Unload it right now! For weeks I was unable to comment at Blogging Baby. I had a guy from Weblogs Inc. AND Uncle Roger working on the problem with me and we couldn't figure it out. For some reason, I thought of deactivating the GWA and miraculously I was able to comment again. It was screwing up other sites in small ways as well. Apparently it fuck w/ Java or JavaScript or something. Get rid of it!

Why is there ALWAYS ONE bastard ruining the office? Everyone else mostly gets along..

and karrie, your story made me nearly piss myself this morning.

Eden, I removed it, but apparently something hides in the cache. I got rid of it 20 mins after installing it. BUT, the laptop gave me a "missing or corrupt file" message for the second time, so my boss oked a new one. Which will take forever to get, but hey, I'm only trying to work, right?

Where is all this rage coming from? :)

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