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Sniff....sniff sniff sniff....

Can you smell that? Take a deep breath. REALLY smell.

Autumn is coming. And I loves me some autumn.

I have this theory that I love autumn because my birthday is during autumn (it's this month if anyone would like to spoil me). Anyone else love the season they were born in?

Don't get me wrong, I love all the seasons in their own way, spring with the teetering awakening of life, summer with it's long hazy days, crisp and white in my memory, winter with it's quiet, subtle beauty and calm, long walks on crunchy roads.

But autumn, it always makes me think of my favorite sweater, curling up in a chair with a good book. I love to watch the world preparing to settle, to sit and ponder, to stay awhile and have the perfect cup of tea. Watching the world wrap itself on a crysalis of red and gold. Feeling the bite in the air after a long, hot summer.

Maybe it's because fall was also my mother's favorite time, at least I think it was. My mother LOVED halloween, and gleefully looked forward to it all summer. No stinking storebought costumes for us. She made them. The last one she ever made for me was a giant sunflower,with a headress that wouldn't fit through the door. I acted like I didn't like it. But secretly, I loved it. Once, she made me a poodle skirt that would twirl right up to my waist. We had a quiet talk about that I recall.

One year we made candy apples, and I remember how incredible and shocking the Macintosh was through the warm crack of candy. We ate them all that day, and they were wonderful. Our house was always warm on those fall days, and walking home from school, we'd jump off the stone fence in front of St. Mark's into the piles the groundkeeper left for us.

Autumn is full of back to school memories the eagerness the first week held, the smell of new pens and crayons and backpacks. New classrooms, new people. How exciting, and ultimately a let down that week always was.

It's nebulous, you know? But there is this peace that I feel when the air turns crisp, and the leaves begin to turn, and I can smell the wood stoves burning. It's like coming home. Sometimes I think it's the closest I can get to my mother's embrace.

Fall is my favorite season and I'm sure that part of the reason is my birthday in November. See, we understand each other, Dor. ;)

Me too. We've been outside most of the day and its cool enough here for sweaters. I only wish this season lasted a bit longer here in New England. I'm not looking forward to freezing rain or snow. Yuck.

I hated having a November birthday as a kid. In Louisiana, it was nearly always shorts weather, but the pools closed at the end of September. I was so jealous of all my friends born from March to September who had these kickass pool parties.

This is only the third year I've lived somewhere that actually has a fall season. It's still kind of weird to see the leaves change colors instead of just turning brown and dropping off. I like the beginning of fall, but I'm still getting used to the end meaning "likely to stay well below 50F for months and months".

I didn't think of it from that perspective Caitlin. That's true though.

And winter is the unfortunate side effect of fall... :)

Early winter means ice storms and snow here as well. And we had an EASY winter last year, so I expect another year of 8 foot snow drifts. sigh...

Nicole-you ALWAYS understand me. Although I do not understand the need for Aretha's boobs the other day. I almost lost my lunch looking at that.

The Macintosh is my favorite apple, bar none.

I loved fall in upstate NY where we actually had seasons. Here, a few leaves change but fall becomes cold and dank much too quickly.

On the other hand, Rebecca is a Halloween baby (figures) so that's always fun.

We've just hit Spring here and I'm loving it. Summer is definitely my favourite, although I get what you are saying about curling up in a chair with a big jumper and a book (do you say jumper or sweater?) and enjoying being indoors.

We don't have much of an autumn here in Sydney but we always trying and take the kids somewhere a bit colder so they can enjoy the changing leaves at that time of year.

Meanwhile - bring on summer! (I have a winter birthday too and I've always hated it...)

Wait a minute... I thought our seasons were called

Almost Winter
Still Winter


I love fall too, though. Although it's so sad to see the trees once they're naked. Nice for Halloween (my fave holiday!) but not so nice for a scenic walk in the park. You know?

BTW: now would be a good time to start dropping hints about what you would like for your bday.......... ;-)

25th, isn't it?

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