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Go have a look-see

A piece of my prose is up at Motherless.

And yes, as usual, it's rather depressing. But do you really expect anything different from ME of all people?

Thanks for the link T. I've been thinking about submitting myself when you posted the link to Motherless the other day. It took me several tries to get through the stories. I'm hoping it will be cathartic.

Congrats on the publication :). Now they just need to fix the formatting.

Jennifer I wrote this a while back-I've been trying to chronicle how I felt those days surrounding when she died (which is hard to remember sometimes, considering I was only 11) I think I got the voice fairly right. I was alone, scared and pissed off.

It helps. I likely write about it far too often, but the memories dull will each word I put down to paper.

Eden No congrats needed. I'm fairly sure it's open admission. but it does remind me that I owe something to you....heh...guess I found something to do tonight after all.

I just want to say, that I can't relate to the pain that you feel through personal experience. I can, however, say with confidence that with your words so skillfully chosen, you paint a picture that transcends the necessity of having been through it. It's a complete visual of your emotions, and even though it was not something you wrote for accolades, but for your own reasons, you have brought us into the sad world of your childhood, and the eventual life of an adult without a mother. I think that is so impressive, and intimate. I hope that through your journeys writing that you are able to gain a foothold on some peace in your life. I know that nothing anyone could ever say will make you "fine" but I wanted to let you know that this post touched me.


Thank you. I'm not sure you know what your words mean, but THANK YOU.

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