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OOH! Look, a bank robbery! Wicked AWESOME.

So the bank across the street gets robbed yesterday. Which in of itself, is NOT exciting. It's a cottage industry around here I swear. I keep waiting for want ads for "bank robber".

I'm sitting here working away listening to "Made out of Babies" on my headphones so I'm not noticing much. I get up to go to the bathroom, and notice that everyone who's sitting on this side of the floor is pressed up against the glass watching nothing.

That's right. Nothing. There's a cop car parked in front of the bank, but nothing else going on, unless you're watching "Crack Ho Hortons" across the street from the bank.

I just kinda stood there watching people get all a flutter about something they couldn't see that wasn't very interesting anyway. It was like watching a group of lemmings when faced with a disney photographer. They just couldn't be lured away, even after I made some jokes at their expense.

On guy continually got up to look out the window, just in case something happened. All I could think was "if there IS a dude in there, and everyone has guns, why in HELL do you want to be standing near GLASS across the street from the main bank doors?

This happens all the time here. If there's an accident, or any type of kerfluffle outside, all these people are at the windows watching. It's a guaranteed break of 20 minutes, and it's like watching a hen house, with feathers flying and eggs breaking. Then, almost unconciously, they all seem to sigh and say 'oh well, back to work" like someone has triggered a switch. It's the oddest thing.

"It was like watching a group of lemmings when faced with a disney photographer."
Hahahahahaha! I love that line. Man, I gotta find a way to use that.

I'm rather proud of that line myself... :P

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