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Where's the line?

This article is a great read: where is the disgusting line located?

And it mirrors something that I've been thinking for a long time-why does media continue to believe people will buy into anything? Why DO people buy into things that are horrific-imagine having the violent death of a loved one replayed on TV, over and over for entertainment.

We draw lines in the sand because we're moral and ethical people, don't we? So why is the line blurring and disappearing in popular media? I love it when entertainers push boundries-but not at the expense of someone's grief.

What about y'all?

I agree.

This is just one of the many examples of gossipers getting themselves way too deep into other peope's business. I mean, look at all the hype that Mell Gibson got over his drunk driving incident. It's ridiculous. The whole celeb gossip scene is just sad, and yet, as the article says, people love it. We seem to take great joy in other people's pain. A trauama's much more funny if your own life's not involved, it seems. I think the whole murder reinactment is sick and awful.

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