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Must Read

Now, I don't normally link to other blogs and tell people to go read specific posts-there are links in my blog roll, and in my reader to do that. BUT, since I keep forgetting to ADD Magdelana to my links (she's in my reader, I promise!!), I need to tell ALL of you to go read THIS post.

It's the most moving tribute someone has ever written to themselves, specifically their body I've ever read. As someone starting out on a massive lifestyle change in order to be healthier, this was a timely, and lovely post.

The comment from her man will make you cry too.

Go read. It's much better than any pap I could produce today.

I was blog hopping and I saw that you left comments on that blog, yesterday. (the odds taht we woudl come accross teh same entry.... lol)

It's a great entry though... Loved it

I'm blushing! Thanks for the link. :) You know, he was tapping away on the computer and kept telling me "Stay Away!" while he was typing. I was wondering what he was up to!

Thanks for sharing that entry. I bookmarked to go back and read a bit more, even if I now have "Built This City" stuck in my head from glancing at the other post titles.

Your welcome Magdalena-you deserve the link-that piece was awesome.

And thanks Karrie. Now I have that song in my head. AGAIN. I'm ashamed to admit it's the first album I ever bought (I was a kid,so it's forgivable)

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