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Progress? I'm still hungry, I know that much....

So I think I've lost a pound or two since starting to watch what I'm eating, cutting out all the crap and pop and tasty things I once loved. My pants are suddenly loose, that's fer sure.

On the other hand, I walked 5 miles the other day within the span of about and hour and 15 minutes due to forgetting about an appointment, and pulled a muscle in my ass.

Yes. A muscle. In. My. Ass. How in the HELL does that happen? And how do you fix it?

I backslid a bit yesterday and had somce fries with my lunch. Shortly after, I felt like I wanted to die. I didn't think that ACTUALLY happened. I thought it was some psychosomatic thing. So now you have proof-grease, after 3 weeks or so of no grease, will make you feel like HELL. Ugh...

So far, so good. I'm not going nuts-eating about 1800-1900 calories a day (is that good? It's within the range I got for my size). I don't want to eat to little, and hit that starvation place where you lose no weight. But I feel great (ok, I did until they upped my meds, so I don't know how much walking will happen for the next few days) and my husband tells me I look like I'm slimming a bit.

I think the obvious thing was all the crap and pop I was drinking. All told, I was likely eating 3000 calories, most of them in sugar water a day. The thought of that scares me. I just don't know what's a NORMAL caloric intake. Hell, I don't know what normal eating is period. I don't want to do any weird diets or anything-I just want to eat better, period.

And I hate being hungry. When does THAT stop? Or am I just not used to being hungry?

Don't worry, I've pulled the occasional ass muscle, too.

Pulling a muscle in the ass is like the most ridiculous thing in my opinion since I'm convinced that my ass contains almost NO muscle to begin with. But hey, it's definitely evidence that you've been working out. ;)

Your appetite will adjust. It may take some testing to see if any foods make you hungrier after you eat them. That's one reason I;ve had good luck with SB is because I can eat as much lean protein and veg as I need. When I was tracking SB foods on Fitday and losing, I hit abt 1600-1800 calories most days and weigh abt 240.

I have found that really intense cardio (45min+ elliptical or running) and swimming make me ravenous, so I;ve cut back on those workouts and have been lifting weights and walking hills. Before though I would workout and come home and want to shovel in food.

Friends had an ice cream party this afternoon and I did break bad and have a little. Its not just regular ice cream--they make their own and go all out with interesting ingredients. we accepted the invite months ago, and I really thought about not having any, but it would have been too obvious, and I really enjoyed the small amount I had.

Sorry for rambling and sorry about your ass! :D

Karrie, you need to know that the "sorry about your ass" part had me giggling for awhile. That was too funny.

I'm averaging about 1800 a day. Yesterday was a bad day, hitting about 2100 (damn tasty evil veggie burgers) but I'm better when I'm at home-I can stay busy, whereas at work in front of a computer for 10 hours, it's harder to ignore. And at home, we get out for walks more.

Mmmm homemade ice cream. I don't eat much dairy because of what it does, but I will suffer for homemade ice cream. I'm having half a coke today (if it isn't flat) so we all have our little splurges , right? :P

And Nicole, I'm assuming that pain means gain in this situation. AND that I walked like a moron the other day.

i've pulled ass muscles before. but i wasn't, um, walking....

as far as the hungry thing goes, it will subside as you lose weight. your body (just like everyone's) is designed to "save for a rainy day", it constantly thinks a famine is about to hit so it better be prepared so it fights tooth and nail when you start telling it to lose weight. i'm not trying to scare you, just encourage you that all the yuck of dieting is normal, and it will get better once you convince your body that this new lifestyle of activity and healthy food is the way it's going to be.you'll get through it and it'll be great.

i also have the most success if i don't completely cu tout my favorite stuff, just control it. half a cup of ice cream on date night, pepsi on weekends and holidays, etc.

good luck!

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