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Yoo Hoo! I'm over here too!

And yes, that means you have to go read my column. Even you in the back with the gum....

Well, I think I am that kind of Mom. I think I scare most other moms away, and that is why I have no friends. Nobody wants to talk about my obsession with plastinated cadavers or how I have a really huge vibrator that we have nicknamed "The Devil". Or that I don't "do" playdates, and I too, for the record, hate most other people's kids. There are a few exceptions, but not many. See? Maybe we could be pen-pals. lmfao

Hey, don't laugh-my husband and I were penpals for years before we, you know, "hooked up":P Nothin wrong with pen pals.

I just HATE HATE HATE the fact that the only mothers I can find that I REALLY identify with in terms of life experiences are online and generally 2 time zones away. It's nice to have online friends, but jesus, why the FUCK can't any of you live in Canada at least? Ok, Jen is in Canada, but she's all the way out in Alberta, so that doesn't even really count...

Now I totally need to buy a vibe and name it. But I'd give it some dumb name like Jeeves or something....

Well, I do have one with a silly name,too. Dr. Wang. Our code in public is "I need to make an appointment with Dr. Wang." :0

I get this. I really, really get this. I just went a bit overboard in explaining how much I identify with this on the Spaghetti Harvest blog post about your piece, Thordora. Hopefully she'll see that I'm the good kind of nut. :)

So much of what you wrote in that entry really resonated with me: I've really struggled with becoming a mother (I was always the one least likely to settle down), I've struggled with having a very active high needs child while the few other people I know have these calm, quiet, obedient little ones. I love my son's personality, but jesus christ there are days when I just want to be left the fuck alone and instead I end up at a playground surrounded by mothers who look so self assured and fulfilled in their adorable little coordinated outfits and are happily chatting to one another while glancing at me in my old jeans and exhausted expression like "What's up with the grumpy fat chick? LOL

Have a nice night and really, thank you thank you thank you for being so honest!

Karrie, that's what I really wanted to bring across-that many of us are NOT represented in what we see each and everyday in the parks, schoolyards, the mall, and yes, even on the internet.

We're HUGE music freaks, and my husband is big into comics, and I'm a big reader, and I paint and write as well. We're artsy, but not stupid, pretentious Toronto artsy. And it's REALLY hard to find a place that accomodates this, especially with kids. My children inspire me, and fill the void I always thought would remain empty, but they are not ME. They are a part of me, but just like my elbow is a part of me, I don't TALK about it all the time.

Both of mine are not exactly "spirited" (thank the GODS) but they can be a bit much, especially with both of us working, so there are many times that I am also the grumpy mom. In fact, I'm not the park person-the Dorf is. I can't handle it, I really can't.

I'm glad people could identify with this at least. I thought it was just me!

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