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Oh lord, it's freaking SEPTEMBER already

First, a disclaimer. if I haven't been commenting as often, it's because you're on blogger, and I'm on blogger beta because I had no IDEA the fuckwits would take forever to move everyone over and I can't leave a comment unless you too are on beta.

Sigh. And some of you (Magdelana) don't allow anon comments, so I can't even leave you comments to tell you how awesome your post was.


Otherwise, I'm super busy because it's month end after a holiday, and since I'm fermenting two post type things in my head for some other things, I don't have much room for anything else. Oh, and my Google Reader now crashes my laptop for no apparent reason, so I can't keep up unless I'm at home. Messenger does the same thing-I deleted a font that was causing a problem-could something like that cause crashes? Cause it's annoying. It's bad enough that this bloody thing takes 20 MINUTES to boot up, and Access SLOWS it down to nothing...


Vivian puked in her bed the other night, causing me to silently thank my mother for being who she was. However, when I puked in bed, I puked EVERYWHERE. She just got it in one little area.

The eating better must be working, since I was able to move one belt notch in! And I'm not cheating, it's comfy. I guess cutting pop out and eating less DOES make a difference. And we're not going to talk about the pizza I had last night, aside from saying it was wonderful until it wasn't.


In about a month, my Dad comes back for the winter. He lives with us, and it RULES because the kids LOVE HIM and we get breaks. Just being able to leave one at home and run an errand is wonderful. And he cooks and buys me stuff. I love my Daddy.

It's almost my birthday, and I'll be 29. EEK! But the Dorf will be 30.


And that's all I have to say about that.

Heh, your computer sounds like fun!
I don't even know about not being able to leave anon comments. I am afraid to try and change it though, because blogger might eat me. lol
I would love to have a full time helper for a little while. Just the times when my Dad comes over and watches them for a couple of hours are a blessing.

AND you can't get on beta if you're in a group blog which is utterly stupid. B/c I'm on about half a dozen and will never go into beta.

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