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So Thordora, how was YOUR day?

SOOO glad you asked.

The laptop, henceforth to be named "Shebeast from dregs of Hell" decided that the sickness it suffered from last week was terminal. Hard drive, she is toast. Thankfully, a coworker is off on vacation, so I can abuse his desk.

But then, as I was already super fucking dopey from raising the trileptal dose, and have a huge freaking headache which seems to be a lovely side effect at first, the Dorf comes online to ask why my phone says it's disconnected.

Say WTF?

I call my phone, and yup. Disconnected.

At this point I shoot an email to my boss asking, 'Am I being FIRED and no one bothered to tell me?"

I was so mad, and frankly, annoyed that I almost started crying. Crying is the alternative to kicking people. Finally, 2 hours later I find out that SOMEONE (and I do believe I know who it is) decided that I didn't "need" a cell phone and CUT.IT.OFF.

I don't have a desk phone. I work at least some of the time from home. My boss is in the US. Any thoughts on how much daytime calling to the US would be on my home line? Of COURSE I need my cell phone you asshats. But could anyone be bothered to, oh, I dunno, ask me, or at the very least my BOSS if I needed it.

In the end my boss had to send an email explaining where to bill it to because that's the main issue-I don't report onsite, and no one wants me on their budget (which is fair). But common sense would dictate that you ask people. It's glaringly obvious when you look at my desk that I do NOT have a desk phone.

Ok, it's glaringly obvious when my desk is clean, but still.

Add to that trying to work on a fun PPT presentation for my boss to impress her boss with, and my head wanted to explode.

That's all. Nothing deep. Just plain old, boring bitching.

Oh, and something amusing to take the edge off.

Jet passenger tries to open door in midair

CHANTILLY, Virginia (AP) -- A man wearing military fatigues and throwing punches into the air tried to open the exit door of a jet during a cross-country flight on Tuesday night, airline officials and passengers said.
United Airlines Flight 890 from Los Angeles landed as scheduled at Washington Dulles International Airport at 8:35 p.m., said Amy Kudwa, a Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman. No one was injured.
Ken Wolfenberger, of Whittier, California, who was on the flight, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that he helped subdue the unruly passenger. The man wore patches on his fatigues with special forces and jujitsu champion logos, Wolfenberger said.
The man had been acting strangely for about 20 minutes, then sat up, wrapped belts around his hands and threw punches into the air, Wolfenberger said.
Wolfenberger said he heard a flight attendant yell for help and tell the man, "Sir, get your hand off the handle."
"Any time you hear a flight attendant shout 'please help,' you worry that something pretty bad is going to happen," he said.
Wolfenberger said the man was held down and punched by other passengers as he grabbed the man's leg. Air marshals then came and took custody of the man.
The passenger became unruly about 31/2 hours into the flight, said United spokeswoman Megan McCarthy.
"After the passenger was restrained, the pilot decided to land at Dulles," McCarthy said. "It wasn't an emergency landing."
Airport police and FBI agents met the flight and were interviewing the passenger, said FBI spokeswoman Debbie Wierman.
There were 138 passengers and six crew members on board, McCarthy said.

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I can relate to suddenly having your phone cut off without a warning. hahahaha

But we all know which cheap asshat caused that problem, now don't we??? sure we do!

How sucky. If it helps, I always break my cellphone abt 2 days into the yeary contract. Seriously.

With regard to opening doors in flight, I once sat next to a woman who was terrified that my knee brushing against the exit door would cause it to fly open mid-flight. I had to listen to her fret because she could "feel a cold breeze" all the way from Iceland to Boston. Somewhere over norhern Maine, I started to seriously think about opening the door (not really possible on a 747) and tossing her out.

My computer is a virus ridden whore.

I'm mercurial. I'll put up a bitchy post and then take it down.

I guess it's all part of trying to maintain that "perfect" facade.

People. Gotta deal with 'em.

That story about the guy trying to open the plane door mid-air made me think of something that happened to me. While at the school for the blind, they flew us home every weekend. On our plane was a bathrom. Every week, this one guy would have to use the bathroom. It was a couple hour flight. Like what the hll. Anyway, one day, I don't know why, but I guess in the bathroom there's the emergency exit door and the bathroom door that leads back to the cabin. Well, he opened the exit door. Oh boy the alarms that went off and the commotion that followed, with him screaming, I did nothing! Next week, our plane had no bathroom. Gee I wonder why!


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