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We voted (or, went looking for the boat if you listen to Vivian)

I've never, ever voted Liberal. Somewhere in my brain is a little girl screaming for hours because of this.

But, I cannot STAND Bernard Lord, and I could never find any info on the NDP in my area. I only realized we had a candidate when I was looking at the ballot.

So woo wee. We have a Liberal government. Watch me hold my breath for change.


For some reason, I'm really freaking bummed out today, which is odd, since I haven't been like this for awhile, and frankly, it's rather scary. On the lower dose, I never had any problems. I'll give it a few more days. I might just be coming up on girlie time, who knows.

I made some bread, the sole accomplishment of yesterday. Doesn't it look yummy! It tastes yummy.

Today, I want to crawl into a hole and stay there, but since I'm not at work, no such luck. I think we'll go to the dollar store. That always makes me feel better for some reason.

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Its an election day here too. I should be reading about candidates instead of blog surfing.

Lets try this again, I got an error trying to post a comment.

That bread looks real tasty!

Think Harper is crying? I take it you've been a conservative province down there?

I voted liberal this last time, mainly because the NDP is virtually non existant and I may as well eat my vote.

Nice bread. ;)

So no liberal, huh? I admit I'm surprised but I'm by NO means Lil Miss Politics over here.

That's some damn fine looking bread!

I only hope people vote liberal in our upcoming elections, otherwise I will definitely have to move to Canada for sure.

I make good bread. I USED to make bread that looked like a hockey puck.

I think I'm misleading my american friends. We have the conservatives, the liberals, and the NDP. The NDP is usually the hippy dippy group-the liberals, just another version of PC. There's no vast difference up here between the two main groups.

So for someone who usually votes green or NDP, voting Liberal was actually painful.

Jen Same here. Voting NDP this time was pointless. Apparently we're some tory stronghold, so I'm sure Harper is a little concerned, since the Liberal government won't be so quick to agree with him.

Being New Brunswick though, makes me doubt anything will really change.

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