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Forget my birthday-I deserve presents ALL DAY LONG!

My birthday is on Monday, and The Dorf keeps tormenting me by reminding me that my present is "a good one, and I better not ever call him cheap after this one"

While I'm hoping that means I'm getting this, I sorta doubt it.

So I'm on messenger with him earlier, and he's talking about going to get his comics tonight, and make a pithy comment about him hitting the sex store for a present for me. I get the "it's not your birthday" speech.

Whaaa? So?

I tell him I always deserve presents, and he laughs before returning to burning CD's. Now yes, he already got me my Made Out Of Babies shirt (LOVE IT!), and I got him his Voivod one, but frankly, I want more presents.

And I've always felt badly about that. I'm supposed to be a modern girl who renounces material things. Of course, that goes out the window with this dress, which incidentally, would go great with my cute shoes. I have trouble being the girl who wants nothing. She doesn't get along with the girl who wants to be spoiled.

Should I expect more gifts? I can never figure out if it's shallow to want some actual tokens of affection. I know, I should appreciate that I have a guy who loves me, loves his kids, stays home with them, blah blah blah. But once in awhile, I'd like a surprise, flowers at work, chocolate that he doesn't eat if I don't eat it right that minute, something, anything.

It's terrible, I know. I try and resist, but I still always hope that just once, I'll walk up to our bedroom and find a SURPRISE.

I try to surprise him when I can, which is difficult without a creditcard since he doesn't like anything I can get him around here. And I don't believe it's only a man's job to do this crap. He just rarely if ever does it. And having to do it for a birthday/anniversary/Xmas, etc takes all the fun out of it.

Peeps, tell me if I'm being shallow. But also remember that I'm a girl who writes him love poems before ye judge.

Also remember that I like presents, and did I mention it's my birthday on Monday?

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LOVE the dress!!!!!

You'll be getting my present a day late, cause I only get paid on Tuesday. But you're getting something COOL!!!! ;-)

Wow, love the dress, I didn;t think they made them like that. Yes, I live a sheltered life. Have a great day on Monday eh? I wish I lived close enough to take you to the local bar and get plastered.

I love the shoes--can't get over them.
You know, I try not to be materialistic, but all it takes is a trip to the mall to turn me into a wantin' child.
I see, I want. You're not shallow, is anyone different?
I pretty much have to buy my own gifts. I'm resigned to it. My husband is just no good at it. But he will take me out for a good time, so there's that.
Have a happy birthday. Rejoice in your life.

Torrid does have fun stuff. I feel a bit long in the tooth to pull that look off anymore, so you should do it before you get too old. :)

I'm not much of a shopper, but I know I always hold out hope that I'll be surprised with something truly, outrageously fabulous. I think just about everyone does.

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