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Reason 4,569 I'm glad I'm Canadian

Reading this post put a knot in my stomach, right next to the fire of rage.

Morality Clauses, EC and Broken Condoms

This is the USofA? The land of the free? Bring us your huddled masses?

Americans, is this the country you want? Is this how your women should be treated? Is this what you want for your daughters?

I cannot freaking imagine. I just can't. If anyone told me I couldn't have Plan B because I was unmarried and had not been raped, I would LOSE MY MIND. I would do what this woman has mentioned-mail them the abortion.

I cannot believe that in this day and age, people like the doctors and nurses in this post exist and take care of your children. It's nauseating.

Go read. My lunch is coming up the back of my throat.

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She already has 207 comments to I'm going to post her link and mention you as well.

On the other blog of course.

This made me want to throw up.

I rmember those same questions about birth control many years ago.

And tubal ligation. Jumping through hoops to please the fascists.

Even better is the next post talking about the less than supportive comments she's received. Disgusting what some people will say to a stranger.

I left a long-winded comment here that got eaten by the Internet, I think, so I'll just try to summarize.

One, this is reprehensible, what happened to this woman. Still I think out of anger over not being able to get EC locally she may have overstated how crazy we are. That she couldn't get EC at a public service hospital in a major Ohio city like Cleveland or Cincinnati stretches credibility.

Two, presumably most of these yokel physicians who wouldn't dispense EC have no problem with a woman taking the Pill. There difference in mechanism, generally speaking, between how the Pill works and how EC works is... Oh wait, there is no difference. What they don't teach these guys at Our Lady of The Offshore School of Medicine.

Third, what she probably should have mentioned and it might have gotten her that EC, is the condition of her cervix. We almost lost Truman to something similar that we were unaware of before 25 weeks into the pregnancy. We won't have any more kids, one because my wife's OB/GYN would kill me if I got her pregnant again -- it was a nightmare that lasted 90 days -- but also because we've decided it would be *immoral* to attempt another pregnancy. She'd probably have the kid at little over 20 weeks -- you can imagine the pain, risk and, if the baby lived, future complications possible for this child. Somebody who would allow EC for unmarried women and raped women could have probably seen his way clear to allow it for a woman who couldn't carry the any where near term.

Her post stunned me. Really, I knew that there were attitudes like that still, but its really scary to me.

Ugh. I'm so glad to be out of Ohio and in California where it's just a bit more sane...

I am all over the place with this one. I just wrote a rambling blog that will probably piss a few people off. It sucks that she couldn't get ahold of the pills, bottom line, no matter what, it shouldn't be that way. But I've written about Ohio before, and as much as I'd like to blame Ohio, it spans a wider scope, a whole political party. That is where the trouble is.

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