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My house, is a very very very nice house..sorta

Finally, I've begun painting our bedroom.

This week makes 2 years we've been in this house, and we've done nothing aside from a few items of "must" upkeep.

It's been driving me fucking INSANE.

One of the ONLY joys of owning a house is being able to do what I damn well please with it. And with two little girls running around, I haven't exactly been able to whip out the heat gun and crowbar. So with the Dorf being gone for a few days, and there fore no one around to whine about the resulting mess, I began my journey.

Now, I'm only doing half the room right now for two reasons.

  1. If he hates the color, it's cheaper to only paint over half

  2. His comics are on the other side, and he couldn't be bothered to move them before he left. And I swore I wouldn't touch them, mostly because, let's face it, if I touched them, it would be only AFTER I called the comic shop to trade them in for something I want to read like this or this. (Or maybe this)

So, after spending 100.00 or so at the hardware store, after standing behind Mr. "My wife wants the paint to EXACTLY match this butt ugly lamp I'm holding, and I'll take all morning to do it", I finally got my paint, ventured home, and began.

Now, first off, if I ever EVER buy a house again, and someone has smoked in it, they are paying ME to clean the walls. I had done a cursory sweep with TSP when we moved in, but apparently, I missed a few spots. It was disgusting the amount of shit off the walls.

Secondly, people should never, ever be allowed to use wallpaper borders ever again. That shit is hard to remove.

However, I am glad there is no stucco in the bedroom. There is some in the front room, and I have resorted to using a drywall knife to peel it off, since they were at least stupid enough to stucco over wallpaper.

So tonight, I shall pick up the tiny finger peeled shards of wallpaper backing, mask stuff off, and prime. Cause I'm not taking a chance that something won't bleed through, especially not after the story I was told about the previous tenant gangbanging a stripper here in the house. (IMAGINE someone telling you that story-dude who used to live here works for the company that closes our pool, and he sat there, calmly telling my husband, a STRANGER who lives here with his children that story. Now, everytime I look around, I wonder who's ASS has been where.)

But I really cannot wait to gut my bathroom-

photographic evidence here:

Underneath the lovely panelling is an even lovelier wallpaper, with what I believe are roosters. I also need to replace the flooring since, despite spending what looks like to be a good amount of money on it, they installed it wrong, and it's curling at the edges.

This entire house is like that-they cut corners on the stupidest things.

Let's not even talk about my basement. I do believe if I took pictures, the camera would die.

But hey, at least it's mine, right? Or, at least that wall in the bathroom under the window. I think I own that now....

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Oooooh... Can't WAIT to see your bedroom!

(And as I type that, I realize how wrongly that could be perceived to any strangers reading, but HEY: let them have their fantasies. At least there are no vaccuums involved - like that search from last time may have suggested)

On a side note: WALLPAPER IS EVIL (and should be illegal).

Another vote for totally banning wallpaper.
New paint is such a fantastic thing! I'd love to paint one of the walls in the bedroom but I can never decide if I actually want it painted or if I just want to do something new :)

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