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Tired I yam

Oh gods I'm beat.

If any military parents who are regularily stuck with their kids for months on end alone are reading this, I feel for you, and you have my utmost respect.

I have NO FREAKING IDEA how you do this every day for months. It's been 3 days of total alone for me, and already I want to run screaming towards a bookstore and hide in the biography section. I'm exhausted.

Of course, priming a room, mowing the lawn of doom, carrying/fighting with children because the goddammed stroller broke half way home, and generally being aware that no one hurts themselves has done a number on me.

Today I find myself coming back to the computer frequently, hoping that something will wake me up. Especially since I've spilled 3 glasses of diet pepsi in the last few days.

I couldn't be a housewive, I just couldn't. I need people, I need quiet time, I need to be able to pee in silence. Last night I was so beat, I had a bag of Doritos for dinner.

You read that right. Doritos. With applesauce for dessert.

I miss my husband, but mostly, I think I miss just having someone else around to talk to, to hug. Banana kisses from a toddler aren't that impressive, all told.

He's back tomorrow.

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yep, it ain't fun. I don't know how I did it for ten years by myself. These past six weeks have been ok but once in a while I have a day from hell and I just want to walk out the door and not come back.

At least for the first go around I had family around me, this time it's me me me and more me.
I'm glad he'll be home tomorrow, I envy you.

Yep, single parenting sucks. My DH has been gone for 2 weeks and will be gone for another. Last night, the dog got into bed with me. How sad is that? Here I am curled around a small west highland terrier when I'd much rather have my spouse in the bed. And yes, I had a meltdown late last week. Thank God for girlfriends, I'd be up a creek and not willing to swim back! Hang in there.

I'm a person who really needs a lot of alone time, so there are some parts of my husband going out of town that I enjoy. (Read: when Max is in bed and the house is *quiet*, and no one is making demands of me.) The thing is that alone=alone, not so much parenting all alone.

Glad you'll have some reinforcements and company tomorrow.

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