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How exactly do people become dumb?

So where I live has now instituted a mandatory garbage seperation program, after years of it being voluntary. And wouldn't you know it, there's always someone crying and whining and acting like someone cut off their right arm.

When we moved here from Toronto, and discovered they had a seperation system, we were shocked and confused. In Toronto, we had all these boxes, and certain things went in certain places, and you tied your papers together, all while avoiding the racoons. All in all, it was a time consuming annoyance. But we did it, because it's what's best.

Moving to Moncton, where you only had a blue and a green BAG, of whatever size, was neat, although it took months for me to not feel guilty about putting a popcan in a garbage bag. We found the process easy to understand, and willingly complied since moving here. It's a good idea people.

Currently, they're still trying to come up with a way to enforce this in large apartment buildings. So of course, there is a chorus of "why do they not have to do it?"

What is this, grade 3?

I mean really, what's the difficulty here? You throw your garbage out anyway, so why is having two bags hard? Is it a problem to actually have to remember that peanut butter jars aren't compostable? Is it a principal thing-no one is going to tell you what to do? Or is it the plain and simple fact that you're going to pout like a 4 year old because someone else isn't being FORCED to do it?

Of course it isn't "fair". But it isn't fair that I have to suck back the dirty exhaust from your car either, especially since I don't drive. But when process changes occur, you need to allow for some adjustment time. Landlords need to enforce this, and the city needs to find a way to do so.

For now however, the expectation is that people behave like adults. Why should you? Because we all have to live here. I know that it's also easier to dump garbage on the side of the road as well, but really. Some of us have children who'd we'd like to see grow up to do something other than clean up your mess.

Sometimes doing the right thing means being a big boy. Just buy the freaking bags, sort your trash, and shut up. You could be in Toronto with the big giant bucket.

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They are threating clear trash bags here.....thing is I am the one who sorts the trash/recycling/compost Dh refuses. So it will be me that pays the price for the illegal objects in those clear bags. ARGGH!
PS there are still lost of misc. things I have no idea how to dispose of. like cooking oil.....

See, to me THAT'S a legit beef-I don't know where somethings go either, and I then have to dig to find out. That annoys me here as well. I go with the "is is nasty" rule-anything nasty, slimy, gooey, icky, etc goes in the green.

Odds are, they won't notice. I have my father coming back who never seems to get the sorting thing. I'm always pulling the cigarette wrappers OUT of the green bag and the butts out of the blue....sigh...

What is it about sorting garbage that brings out the moron in people? Is it really so hard, so confusing?
Our building has trash cans with stickers affixed telling people what goes where through use of PICTURES. It's not rocket science, and yet pretty damn much every time I go into the trash room there is something in the wrong can or something clearly not PICTURED on the sticker stuck in. Or worse, festering cans of god knows what that somebody didn't bother to take five seconds to rinse out.
This is such a major pet peeve of mine. My 3 year old has figured it out, why can't grown-ups? Who is so busy they can't take 5 seconds to consult the guides clearly posted in the same room?
We don't even have composting to worry about.

Same already discussed recently

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