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In sickness and health

No one told me that the worst part about having kids is when YOU are sick.

Man oh man what I wouldn't give for a motel room by myself right now. And possibly a bottle of Mylanta.

For some unknown reason, I have a belly that revolts at the sight of food, and the capacity to sleep for three days straight, with a roaring headache to boot. No fever of course, so no point in going to see a doctor. I've missed two days work, which I can ill afford.

So having screaming kids around, especially one who wears a "Fire Chief" hat and has been taught by the Dorf to say "My ass is on fire!", is not cool right now. I just don't feel up to it.

Of course, the one good thing is having Vivian fall asleep on Mommy in the LazyBoy. Ah, warmth.

I never thought I'd long for the day when I could suffer alone, quietly. I can't even go to the bath room by myself.

So that's where I've been. Sick, and in the bathroom.

At least the windows are protected.

Okay, the window protection is ADORABLE!

Man, there's a nasty strain of cooties that's even working its way into CANADA. Everyone I know has some kind of stomach malady right now. I just got over a nasty upper respiratory infection. The whole time I was thinking to myself how hard it would be to recover if I had kids. I honestly don't know how parents DO it.

But kudos to you for keeping it together...somehow.

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I'm barely keeping it together. And I feel SOOOO guilty missing a couple days work-what the hell is that? Why do we never feel entitled to take our sick days?

I just can't wait until they're old enough to leave me the hell alone when I'm sick.

Oh, Brutal. I had that, complete with raging fever, excruciating sore throat, and a general desire to just die.

Diva Girl was good in that she wasn't asking for things, and instead getting her own damn juice for once. But the constant "caretaking" is almost as brutal as the "Mommmeeeeeeee!"

I didn't miss work, accidental SAHM that I am, but I did punk out and have Diva Girl driven to school by one friend and taken home for lunch by another. She of course thought this was fabulous.

Zen Baby was treated to a Little People explosion and a Doodlebops marathon.

I hope you return to the land of the living soon.

I was just sitting & nodding & being all calm and then I saw the Window Guardians and lost my shit ;)

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