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Ah, how I loves a good discussion


I frequent Blogging Baby, a "blog" with parenting relating items, which can include celebrity items, baby gear, pictures, etc, etc. usually, it's all good fun.

Then items like this one come up. Blame Eden of course.

Now I'm all for people having their own opinions on stuff, having a good argument, etc, etc.

The item is about a 10 year old boy having his mouth taped shut by his teacher. The first time i read that, I was slightly confused, then really really bothered. Then the opinions started coming. Stuff like "I was paddled as a child, I'm fine" or "That's what kids today REALLY need"

Our generation, the last to really be physically disciplined in any broad manner, are the ones raising these kids who "need a whoopin"-so what does that say about us? What does that say about the usefulness of physical punishment? See articles such as this. Did it work on any of us?

For the most part, my parents relied on being good and loving parents, with firm boundries and guidelines to keep me in line. I remember once being spanked for pulling the cat's tail. I did not gain any new respect or love for the cat, but I did then fear my mother greatly. It put a distance between us that, in light of circumstance, I wish wasn't there. Besides, getting scratched by the cat was QUITE enough to teach me the logical consequence of my actions. But I suppose my mother thought I was too young to learn that way.

She was also quite fond of a piece of wood that she had. Right across the knuckles. After she died, I had a few anger issues. And guess how the manifested themselves-HITTING. I was extremely aggressive, even when the situation was not. My idea of releasing tension was to take a round out of a wall or a fence. Not until a friend asked me, very NOT nicely, to stop hitting him, did I realize what I had been doing. I had been set up to feel that hitting people, hitting things was an appropriate way to convey or teach. Because while my mother could have thought about and used creative techniques, she resorted to what she was likely taught-spare the rod, spoil the child.

It didn't work. And the day that I lost it after getting no sleep, and I slapped my child, I realized that I was falling into that same trap. Watching her be scared of me, was almost more than I can bear, and I will always remember that.

So when I hear about a teacher, someone I would entrust my children to, taping a mouth shut, I become a little angry. It's wrong. It does not teach anyone anything. And just because it used to be like that, doesn't mean it's ok. I mean really, we could use the same argument for racism, sexism, bigotry, etc.

Why is it that increasingly, acting like adults is so NOT the proper thing?

Taping a child's mouth shut???? I can't even get started on this....

Hey darlin'. I think you've got some spam up there. And some kick ass points, too.

Dude, taping a kid's MOUTH shut?? That's grounds for whooping that TEACHER'S ass! And this is coming from a fan of whoopins'!

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It's kind of funny that we're talking about spanking and here you've got a spam for free porn.

But seriously, I don't think all spanking is a bad thing. Taping somebody's mouth shut, even if the little bastard probably deserved it is probably not a good idea. Nor is hitting somebody with something other than a hand. But that being said, a few light taps on the ass, and not even a bare ass I should point out, like I got when I was small, there's nothing wrong with that. It wasn't enough to hurt, but that along with a nice long sit in a chair to think about what I'd done after being told that it wasn't a good thing sure taught me a lot. Like I said, I was only ever touched in extreme circumstances, like the time I bit my Dad while we were wrestling after being warned about that sort of thing before, stuff like that. It did me no harm, and I still have as much respect for my parents as I've always had. Dad lost a lot of my respect for entirely different reasons, but that's another story for another time.

Hey, I've smacked my kid on the butt for serious stuff like running into traffic. But shit like this is insane.

For run of the mill stuff, hitting my kids won't teach them a lesson. You getting a whack for biting your dad (which was pretty funny when I read this) makes sense in some way. Of course, some people would bite back.

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