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Where's the Beef?

I don't normally eat meat. Ok, I eat chicken, but anything that dumb doesn't count.

I'm one of the pickiest people you'll ever meet. My list of hated food stuffs includes, but is SOOO not limited to:
  • Olives
  • Tomatoes
  • Nutella
  • Raw Mushrooms
  • Milk
  • Beef
  • Fish/Shellfish/Anything waterborne
  • Tomato Juice/V8/liquid veggies on any form
  • Melon

I could go on, but I think you get the point. But then I'll eat weird things like mashed potatoes covered in maple baked beans and think it's heaven. There really is no accounting for taste.

I just had a chicken salad sandwich, and I don't think I'll do that again. I have this grainy icky taste/feeling in my mouth. And that's where the majority of my food phobias/complaints/pickiness originates from. Either it feels weird, or tastes odd to me. Olives smell like BO to me. Why would I WANT to eat that?

It's irrational and stupid, but I also won't eat anything if I can't "see" what's in it. I've had too many surprises in the past. The worst was today's sandwich, which at one point, contained a "crunch".

I'm kinda nauseaous now.

Anyone else have irrational food hate issues?

NO TOMATOES??????????????????

Oh, Dor!

My hates (that I can think of right now and I love this post idea, by the way):

Eggplant (noticing a trend here)
Raisins (bleh)

There's tons more but I can't think of 'em at the moment.

Bananas have got to be my top hated food. Being in the same room with them makes me want to vomit. Apparently bananas are a food -everyone- is supposed to love. No one ever believes me that the smell makes me sick until I throw up on them after they were so kind to try to shove a banana in my mouth.

I also hate all sandwiches that aren't pbj or meatball subs from subway, which leads me to my next one. Toasted bread, especially at sub shops. The bread is usually beginning to get a little dry anyway, and to make it even drier? Blech.

There are a lot of various other food textures/smells that I find offensive, but only in certain forms. I love red sauces, and stewed tomatoes, but raw tomatos just have this slimy thing go on.

The crunch was probably celery and not, say, a cockroach.

I cannot eat meat off of a bone. I really need to believe that it grows in those little styrofoam packages.

And anything that lives in its own waste is utterly off limits.

Nicole: You don't like RASPBERRIES?? Now THAT is weird.

I will agree with coconut though. God, eat a macaroon, you're still eating it a week later.

Oh I hate raisins too. I was just eating grapes the other day saying, how can I LOVE these, and HATE raisins so much. Especially golden raisins.

Caitlin: BANANAS! EW, I dont' like them either. I eat them once in awhile for potassium, but they have to be at this certain stage of ripeness, which they're at for about 5 seconds on a Tuesday.

Toast huh....I guess that could be icky.

Sisypus-I don't think it was celery. It had a grainy feel to it.

I hate meat off the bone too, and work with someone who is the same way. I rationally know where the chicken comes from, but I can't eat it if it touches anything but chicken. I love knowing that I'm not the only one. For the longest time, people just looked at me weird about that one.

I hate to say this, but that crunch was probably a small processed bone fragment. Yum yum, eat up.

One of my biggest food hates, and nobody understands this one, is lettuce. I can eat it in a salad now and then but even that's a stretch unless it's well covered in lots and lots of stuff, like dressing and cheese and pepper and whatever the hell else you can put on it.

And I truly believe that anybody who puts lettuce on a sandwich or burger of any kind is a goddamned idiot. It just doesn't belong there, and it ruins all that it comes in contact with. Even if I pick it off I can still taste that lettuce essence and it makes me sad and ill. I'm the same way with sliced tomatoes. They're just disgusting and have no business being on anything that has a potential for tastiness.

Raspberries? Zucchini? I get the raisins thing, especially if they're nicely nestled in something, like a butter tart. But one thing I hate is peas! I can eat them out of a pod, but cook 'em and I'm done! And creamed corn is just bleck!

Steve: that's mostly what I was thinking, and trying not to say. EW EW EW EW EW.

And lettuce....that's weird, but I can see. There is nothing grosser than a warm, limp piece of lettuce.

Caitlin:PEAS?!?!/ How can you hate PEAS?!?! Peas make my household work-in fact, I'm making a pea-almond pesto for dinner tonight.

I agree on the creamed corn however. I like the taste, but I CANNOT look at it. BARFBARFBARF.

Nutella hate is just wrong.

My husband is a texture guy, melons and tomatoes top his list. He likes the "flavour" of tomatoes...but the texture drives him nutso.

If I'm eating meat, and there is ANY crunch. I'm done.

Oh hell yeah to the Nutella hate. I tried to like it. BARFBARFBARF.

I hate salmon. And goat cheese, and lamb.


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