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Ever get the terrible feeling that all your nightmares ARE coming true?

South Dakota just banned all abortions (or virtually so). The founder of Domino's wants to create a "Christian" town. The US becomes increasingly hardlined and shortsighted about piddly little things like woman's reproductive rights, what it means to torture prisoners. Freedom of speech is threatened by increasingly vehement religous groups. The seperation of church and state seems to be slipping away.

Any of you who have read Octavia Butler's Parable books will know what I'm getting at here.

The best part of these books was the giant wall built to keep people OUT of Canada. The rest of the world moves on as the US blindly torments it's populace.

These books, the central premise has scared the CRAP out of me for years because I can see it coming. And it comes slowly, so people might not see it right away, might not see it until it's too late.

I shouldn't be this scared you know.

Oh, egads. You just brought MY nightmares back full force with that post. The Parable of the Sower scared the everloving SHIT outta me! Still does...

Mainly because it's probably GOING to happen at some point. Humanity apparently won't be satisfied until it does.

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