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"Mother you told me the laws are so fine
if I'm good then I will be protected
I've fallen through the cracks and there's no turning back
now I'll never trust whoever gets elected."

"Bad Wisdom" Suzanne Vega

When I was small, I was taught to trust the police, but to also hold them at arms length. It was never stated implicitly, but rather more of a generality. To trust authority figures, but never THAT much. Keep a wary eye. I never held this total and all encompassing trust for my friendly local police officers.

As I grew older, that was older reinforced as I was harassed for basically, being a teenager, hanging out, having the nerve to drink rootbeer from a dark brown bottle as i sat in a playground. (why there were people letting their kids play at 11:30pm was beyond me-funny that the cop never questioned THAT). I really learned that these people were not to be trusted, and in most cases, wouldn't help you, or protect you. And I grew up with these people, knew their families. I should have been able to trust them.

I look around now, and I realize, not many people actually trust those who hold positions of authority. I rarely, if ever call the police, because in my experience, they have NEVER done anything when I have called. I look to examples where they have broken their public trust, abusing children, wives, and I find I cannot raise my children to blindly trust anyone the way we once trusted policemen. Hell, I wouldn't even tell my kid to find one in public if lost. You just never know.

I hate not trusting anyone sometimes. I hate being so cynical towards police, especially since many are GOOD HONEST people doing their jobs.

C'est la vie.

When my son was old enough to get in trouble, this was my advice. If you need a cop, go get one. If a cop wants you...shut up and call our lawyer.

Interesting observation about police and, really, anyone in a position of "authority"...

Political leaders, church leaders, lawyers, doctors, school teachers, police... I'd say that in today's world just about all positions of authority have an implied level of distrust associated with them...

I'm going to be a first-time father soon and I'm really beginning to wonder how on earth I'm going to raise a child in this world.

I take comfort in the fact that just about every parent from the beginning of Time has probably wondered exactly the same thing...

Once bitten, twice shy.

You're definitely not alone in your mistrust, obviously. Too many bad cops hide behind badges and definitely make it harder for the good, honest people to get a fair shake. It sucks on both sides, I guess? :(

It sucks, because the idealist in me WANTS to trust people. The little girl that's been ruined knows better.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm one of the only ones without a hidden agenda.

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