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Why don't they keep their heads under water just a teensy bit longer?

Let me state at the outset that as a rule, I hold people of the cloth, religous folk, believers et al. no ill will. Frankly I'm rather in awe of the ability to believe in something with absolutely no proof, and to defend this belief with all of your will. I am an atheist, because I choose to believe in my OWN will, in science, in rationality. I also hold open a small door of "what if" because I've never been much of a gambler.

This is not a post about that.

I frequent the local
board, and I give a fair amount of stuff away. I rarely solicit or ask for anything because frankly, I don't really need much. But I decided to see if anyone had any old National Geographic's around, since most people have a stash somewhere that seems to breed, and Vivian is into animals, and I like to read them. I also mentioned that Vivian was currently obsessing about dinosaurs, and if they had any literature with dinosaur articles, that would be great too.

I get two responses: one from a family I trust, who I give baby items for their sweet new baby Grace all the time, and one from a stranger who says simply,

"I have some Dinosaur related items I can mail to you."

I figure this is weird, but what the hell. Maybe it's an old teacher with a few little things that, considering the current gas prices, make more sense to mail than have anyone drive to get. At the same time, my "hinky" alert went up. I figured I might get some porn, which is icky, but doubtful. I really didn't think I had much to worry about.

What I did NOT anticipate was receiving bible tracts, pamphlets telling me what 'really" happened to the Dinosaurs, information disputing evolution, all kinds of, in my opinion, GARBAGE a few days later. I told my husband to immediately throw it all out.

I am not adverse to presenting both views to my children. I was raised Roman Catholic, so I've heard both. One was taught in religon classes, the other in science. I actually feel that I was raised with a fair balance of both, all things considered. I have no issues with showing them different points of view, with caveats.

This however, I found rude, disgusting and deceptive. In no way did I ask for, or did this person indicate what he was sending me. These items were for a toddler. I particularily loved the flyer for the local Baptist church. Cause now I REALLY want to go. I mean, if they can teach my kids how to be jerks, that would be great.

And I know, I know. This is not necessarily representative of ALL Baptists. But you know what? How many times can I be harrassed by people before it is? How many Jehovah's can come to my door before it is representative of the methods employed by these people?

I believe that if you are meant to find God(s), you will find them. Period. Someone banging on my door, hanging around my property, or mailing me what I considered small minded garbage is not going to help. And I can hardly imagine that any omnipotent personage would approve of these methods. I hardly go door to door preaching my beliefs, because they are mine. I have no driving need to share them al all.

Funny enough, the man decided to leave a return address, so the child in me wants to send all kinds of documents regarding my Atheism, Objectivism, etc, etc.

The adult in me says turn the other cheek, and pity this man for his ignorance. I posted to the board about what happened, voicing my disgust and disapproval, and I'll leave it at that.

Funny how the atheist tends to follow the religous man's credo, wot?

You did the right thing by shaming this douche bag. Now everybody there will know who he is and know what they're getting into by dealing with him. Ug, what a prick.

The Azure Green catalog has a bumpersticker that reads: "The main trouble with Baptists is that they don't hold them under long enough."

Just sharing the info ;)

First off, I'll say it: I'm Baptist.

Or at least, that's the denominational flag I was raised under. I'm not really a stickler for a particular sect -- the term "protestant" works fine.

Yet and still? This dinosaur dude's antics are totally unacceptable! This is not the way to try to get the word out about your personal beliefs. This is a way to anger and alienate EVERYONE around you. I can't stand it when people who consider themselves Christians pull stunts like this!

Is it possible that this pisses me off almost as much as you?? ;)

I am now very very sad. I am sad because I do not own a car and therefore cannot use that bumper sticker.

Ok Nicole, you're officially the first "Baptist" I actually like.

Eden, I LOVE that, and I'm with Steve. Only we'll amend it to say "with the exception of Nicole"

Put the stuff back into the envelope and Return to sender it's done at his expence her has to pay on his end!LOL! Get him back in some small way anyway.
I wonder if he believes in Dinosaurs? LOL

LOL I love the idea of sending the bible toker all the athiest shit! Too funny.
I too grew up with my moms large catholic family, uncle a priest and all but my dad, now thats a different story. He's a professor in anthropology & archeaeology. I DO NOT know how they hooked up BUT I do tend to lean more towards my dads beliefs.

I dunno, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but that was just fucking rude to solicitate their religion on you like that!


Thanks, Dor! I'm honored to be the first likable Baptist. Wait, are there any other ones out there...?

I grew up in the Bible Belt, and nothing stops the zealots. They will shower you with chick tracts, nail crosses, promise cards, and manage to work in inviting you to the current revival no less than 5 times in a 3 minute conversation. You can't do anything to stop the onslaught except run, or pretend you're not there while they shove tracts under your door. "No" doesn't mean "no" when you're saying it to a relationship with God.

But then again, a fair number of people in my hometown are proud to have her as a fellow Louisianian. My friends in DC thought I was exagerating about the people in the town I grew up in until that episode aired. I don't think those people realize how unattractive they make their churches look when they act like that. By the end of her little rant, her daughters were in tears, and the grand daughter looked terrified of her.

My in-laws are also devout Catholics, and while it bothers them that I am not Catholic, they only felt it necessary to mention once that I had an open invitation to Mass. It is possible to be devout and not make an ass of yourself. It's just the zealots drown everyone else out with their antics.

Ruminator: YES. RUDERUDERUDE. Somethings transcend religon.

Nicole no, it's just you. We'll make you your own bumper sticker.

Caitlin OMFG. I watch those wife swap shows JUST for freaks like that giant cow. SHIT!

And people like your parents never ever bother me. I admire folk like that, because I find their faith to be vastly more awesome than anyone elses for it's self restraint.

And can SOMEONE show me how to make the HTML tags work in the comments. It always tells me it's not closed, and I'm too lazy to go find out myself.

The immature child in me says "send the man laxative samples in the mail"

screw laxatives. My kneejerk reaction was a box of shitty diapers in the mail.

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