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this post magically created itself....

It's my occasional, ask me a question! Post.

TRY to be nice.

Ooh... where to begin?

The "sexual deviancy" in your profile intrigues me but I won't push the issue (just e-mail me with the juicy details).

Here's one: what're the last three things you've made with your hands?

Here's me, just being annoying. Why do you hate Southpark?

If train A leaves the station at 2:30 pm and is travelling east at a speed of 170 km/h and train b leaves the station travelling north at 218 km/hr, at what point will Zen Baby be done with the mother of all tantrums?

If you could go back in time what career path would you take?

How much is a case of Moosehead in NB?

Ummm...okay, okay. I got it:

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only take ONE beauty implement with you (i.e., mascara, eyelash curler, lipstick, etc.) which one would it be and why?

No, I'm hardly into makeup. I just heard someone on E! ask that question once and it always fascinated me.

Guess I should answer, huh?

Eden: Actually, my "sexual deviancy" is something I'm rather open with when I feel like talking about. Basically, I'm a bottom, the "M" in S&M. When I'm manic, this becomes a VERY large part of my persona. I'm not shy about it, I just don't talk about it much in detail.

Last three things I made with my hands...
1. Pieces for a baby blanket/knit wall hanging for Nat (SLOOOLLLYYY)
2. Bread
3. Vegan Shephards Pie

Carin: I think I hate SP out of principal. It's moronic and annoying and fart funny, and my husband watches it when I'm least in the mood. It's funny, but I'm too good for that humour. And I'm not really big on stupid humour. I think it's a good show, I just hate it personally.

Sisypus: If ZenBaby is anything like me, she'll have the tantrum just THINKING about craptastic questions like those in math class. Those are my archnemesis!

Liesl: I don't know. I've never really wanted to "BE" anything specific-I don't like doing anything that much. So it's always made it hard. I always wanted to run a clothing store for us "bigboned" girls that carried kick ass stuff in bigger sizes (like Torrid in the states, but not so overly hip or expensive). Other than that, I just want to BE me, reading, writing, etc.

Adelaide: A case of Moosehead: According to a coworker, 35$ for a 24. And it's YAKPISS-why are you drinking it with all the breweries in southern ontario?!?!?!/

Nicole: I wear less makeup then most boys I know. If I HAD to take one thing, I guess it would be eyeliner, since once in awhile the closet goth in me comes out. (like today, with my black silver sequined skirt and army boots. SPRING is here!)

Cool! Did you know that before babies sucked my brain dry I wrote BDSM erotica? B/c you might dig it. Also if you can find Best Women's Erotica 2003, I'm in it.


I really hate it when people say that kind of stuff about South Park. Sure, there's a lot of goofy humour on the show that might cause people to write it off as nothing more than a bunch of cursing and fart and poop jokes, but if you actually sit down and watch it, especially the stuff from the later seasons, it can really make you think, especially about the absurdity of a lot of ideas that people hold sacred when it comes to things like religion and such.

Eden-REALLY?!? I could never write that stuff-I'm too shy (IMAGINE)

Steve: Absolutely. It's just not my thing, although I totally see it's place. I'm just not into it-I hate the Family Guy too, although I LIKE how subversive both are/try to be.

To me Family Guy is a much easier show to dislike. Not sure what it is about it, but I could just never get into it to the level that most people seem to. IF I see it, fine, if I don't, equally fine, or maybe even more fine. American Dad is funnier, but everybody seems to hate it.

I'm wearing one of my Moosehead shirts, got my Moosehead ballcap on, and there's a beautiful green bottle with a picture of a moose on it sitting on my desk.
Have you ever tried Labatt's Blue? Coors Light? Budweiser? It's swill that comes out of the Labatt plant on Richmond Street.

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