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I felt this way when the pills didn't work

There is no dream
So wake up run your lips across your fingers till you find
Some scent of yourself that you can hold up high
To remind yourself that you didn't die
On a day that was so crappy whole and happy you're alive

And you seem so bruised and it's beautiful
As it's reflecting off from you as it shines
And you're in the bathroom carving holiday designs into yourself
Hoping no one will find you but they found you
And they took you
And you somehow survived

There is no dream
So wake up and if the holidays don't hollow out your eyes
Then press yourself against whatever you find
To be beautiful and trembling with life
Because I'm so happy you didn't die

Three Peaches: Neutral Milk Hotel

Hi Dor! How are things going??

That poem managed to be beautiful and morbid at the same time. But I've never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel. I am lame!

I love this song. I love the imagery.

And don't worry-it's not the most popular band in the universe.

never heard the song, but until I scrolled down, after reading your story, I thought for certain you had written this, sounds so very similar to what you described. It's great when you have a song you can relate to, isn't it?

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