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I think.....

I shall get a new tattoo this week.

The Savings Bond redemption has been made. Fuck the freezer. I want my stopped smoking, had a kid reward.

It's for the kids anyway really, but in a strange way for my mother as well.

Lips are sealed until I get it. The shrink was right. I need to live.

GO DOR!!!!!!!!!!

Wait..."Lips are sealed??" I just wanna know what you're gonna GET!

I want another tattoo!!

Thank you for stopping by and your well wishes. I appreciate it!


go for it! I am still a bit afeared of entering a tatoo parlour the way I am today, and finishing the tattoo for my kids....but....I really want to, let us know how it turns out (the trip I mean) and if it's as scary being around peirced and coloured up men as I worry it will be?

Can't wait to see it.... You deserve it so much!!!!!

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