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Night of the Living Screech

We've reached a new plateau in my household. That plateau is called, "Loud", aka "Ear splitting screeches that amuse the toddler and thrill the almost toddler."

I woke up this morning with a preemptive headache. You see, my sweet Rosalyn, my little almost 13 month old bundle of joy has reached that place that all mothers dread. She has found her voice, and she likes it loud.

There are different types of screeches. There is the "I'm done eating, you might want to come get me before the noodles and tuna end up in my ears" screech. There's the "I want in/out of the bath, and you better get here now and do it." yell. And my personal favorite, "I just like the sound of me yelling and you whimpering" screech.

All will be fine like a winter night, quiet and placid when suddenly
BLAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! in your ear like a air raid siren. It's that loud. I know that everything you will read will say "don't react", but that's kind of like not reacting to poison ivy. Every single piece of my introverted quiet dna cringes and dies a little each time she howls. And what makes it worse is the HUGE evil grin she'll wear as she does it. She knows exactly what she's doing. And then she'll yell louder.

Vivian absolutely adores this game, until it's directed at her. At which point, she joins the parade and starts to yell "Rozie, stop YELLING!" It's like a sick, loud game of pingpong. And I'm the net.

I wish I could harness the power of this voice, use it to power the stove or something.

In the meantime, I'll maybe get someone to sew her up a Black Canary outfit.

Gee. I totally look forward to visiting now. NOT. hahaha (kidding)

See you Monday night! :-)

I saw this cool cone of silence thing at BB yesterday....

You're really not doing much to ENCOURAGE me in the "have kids" department, Dor. ;)

I was tempted by the cone of silence, until I realized the date.

Nicole, it's not THAT bad all the time. It's a phase. An annoying, loud, irritating, can't wait for it to end phase.

sigh...she's quiet when she eats..

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