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Heavy Heart get lighter by his side.

For the first time in years, the Dorf and I actually get to see each other. For the past..forever it seems, he's been working overnight shifts. Suddenly, we're home together, a lot.

It's almost bloody suburban.

I've noticed something though. I'm happier. I'm more at ease. I feel more like myself. I'm not on edge.

We talk now-hell, half the time, we're up most of the night talking. Remember when you first fell in love, and you couldn't stop talking about everything, it was all shiny and new and interesting?

Well golly, it's like that again.

After all this time just existing together, due to shifts and life, it's almost like we've begun to fall in love all over again, gotten to know eachother once more. No wonder I felt like we were drifting apart so much-we didn't know eachother anymore. How could we, when we were rarely awake at the same times for years?

We're discovering that deep down, we really are still the same idiot kids who fell in love one March Break. Deep down, there are still people, not just working bodies that occasionally come in contact with each other.

I didn't realize how much I missed this until now.

Hang onto that. When we went to Vegas in April, it was like re-discovering why we were together again.

I think its really easy to get into a rut and not really "see" your partner like we should.

That's nice to hear. I am crabbier the more Dh is home!

Isn't it a great feeling? I had a similiar recent experience myself. Congrats.

Chris (My Blog)

Isn't it a great feeling? I had a similiar recent experience myself. Congrats.

Chris (My Blog)

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