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Nothing like a search engine...

I'm a little icked out.

Someone occasionally searches for "vomit sex" and winds up at my site.

Now, I'm down with a LOT of odd sexual practices, and mostly, I don't give a crap. But there are two things that totally ick me out, and I cannot even attempt to understand.

Scat is one of those things. The other is anything to do with puking. I mean, what possible attraction could someone have for a waste product. (although that does explain a guy I dated once). And it got me wondering-is the attraction to puking DURING sex? Being puked on? Lying in puke? Puking on someone else?

Is it chunky puke? Just bile? Does there need to be a lot of puke, or just a little?

And most importantly, who holds her hair?!?!?

I'm with you man. Scat, golden showers and vomit have NO place in my sex life. I'm kinky, but I'm not gross. lol

I figured out how they happened to look here but I agree with you.

Feathers are kinky; this guy wants the whole chicken.

Damn. We get those too, but I never put that much thought into it.

umm, whats scat?

Pooing and icking during rudes - yuke.

Most things seem like a good idea - as you said, but those two - nooo thank you.

ummm...scat is poopy....just hold that thought for a moment...now image playing with it while screwing, that sorta thing..I've even tried to think of it from an origin way, and it doesn't make any sense.

And Herge, "Pooing and icking during rudes"-I can't imagine a better way to put it...

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