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All's quiet on the eastern front.

My backyard, today, in all it's spring wasp infested glory. Wait 2 weeks. It's like we live in the woods. I LOVE it.
Miss Thang. Rosalyn is turning into quite a ham, and has just learned how to get herself up on the couch by herself. She's strong and willed and tenacious. I have NO idea where she gets that from.
Ever look at one of your kids and realize, my god, they're a PERSON now, and, gee, she's actually attractive? Not that I was expecting ugly kids, but Vivian just seems....pretty. And old. I can't believe she'll be 3 soon. Sigh...

Both kids napping. It's a blissful 23C outside, in the shade.

The only bothersome thing is the HUGE number of wasps all around my house. (If anyone has some helpful advice, NOW would be a GREAT time to share it. I'm fucking terrified, and trying to gibber quietly is NOT easy).

I'm serious about the gibbering.

Just to call in an expert - sooner rather than later.

We had a bee swarm on the house next door yesterday. I called 911 who gave me the number for a bee person who has never returned the call. Meantime, all the bees crawled under the house next door.

Wasps are worse. It takes a lot to make a bee mad but I think wasps are born that way.

I've looked at other people's kids and wondered when they stop being "somebody's baby" and start becoming real people with real personalities. It's amazing!

The children certainly are looking great, ya know. :) Here's some advice, don't show surprise that they're growing up. They'll only use it to their advantage. And about the wasps, well, maybe it'd help if you could just think of the wasps as small, buzzy people too. With little handbags. And tiny spectacles. And ickle jackets. ... Uh... you get the idea...

Oy... Wasps... Yeah, I agree with Granny... drop the cash and get an expert in sooner rather than later. We just had carpenter bees that I was trying to kill myself. They ended up doubling in number before I gave up and had someone come in... Just think: avoiding one sting is worth all the money in the world when it happens...


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