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My Ass Hurts

Get your minds out of the gutter you pigs. That was the other night. snicker

My ass hurts because as a non smoker, I rarely ever get up. I nibble on things when I feel the need, whereas I used to get up, walk outside, have a puff, and a little break. But now that I don't smoke, I find you get weird looks from other people when you're just sitting there resting your eyes, or walking around a bit. Why is it ok for a smoker to take tons of breaks, but not me?

The amount of nibbling has expanded my butt to the point of wanting to smoke again. And I try everything-I try chewing straws, pens, gum, anything. No help. Drinking water, tea, nothing. I've gained at least 30 pounds in the last 2 or 3 months, and not only is it depressing, it's kind of scary. I'm having trouble breathing. My legs and feet hurt all the time. I can't get moving.

I'm VERY hesitant to go to my doctor, since he ALWAYS basically tells me it's my weight, and that's it. No help. No advice, no "let's check this to be sure." I'm worried because this type of weight gain is VERY odd for me, and has occured even with certain diet alterations that should have at least caused me to maintain. But I don't want to waste my time. I'm sick and tired of having to almost BEG for tests, or for help. I know that I eat like crap sometimes. I also know that I don't eat like crap all the time. I cannot shake the feeling that something is actually wrong.

I'm sick of not fitting into anything anymore. I'm worried that the only answer for my body is NOT eating, period. I don't even want to be some little stick. I just want to be healthy, and I can't seem to get ahead of it. Most days, I eat very well-what do I have to do, go down to 1500 calories a day? And I'm putting at least 30 mins of exercise daily into my life, and still NOTHING.

I fucking hate this feeling. Like my body is rebelling against me.

My ass hurts, and I want a cigarette.

Good morning. I quite twice, 3 years at a stretch and went back both time. Partly stress, partly boredom, I think.

Not that Im recommending it you understand. I keep talking about quitting again.

I've overweight - put it on when my boys' dad got sick and have never been able to lose it. So I rationalize.

No help at all, am I.
Take care of yourself.

I feel for ya...

I just realized (and quickly rectified) that your site had mysteriously disappeared from my links...

As for not feeling right, I think you should continue going to doctors until you find one that will listen to you...


Track EVERYTHING you eat and when (time and day). Track all your exercise, down to the minute. Do this for a week minimum. You may also want to track stressful events, noting time, not just day. Take all that to your doctor (keeping in mind most know diddley squat about nutrition and exercise) and ask for a referral to an obesity specialist or an endocrinologist who knows nutrition.

As for the sitting problem...I used to walk around (e.g., to visit coworkers) or stretch for short breaks, and at lunch walk about 20-30 minutes before eating. I avoided eating at my desk too. That may help. Good luck!

The only difference between you and I in this scenario is that I've never smoked. But I know that the minute a tobacco stick touched my lips I'd be helplessly hooked. Which is why I'm so relieved I never got mixed up with 'em.

As for the butt-swelling? I'm right up there with you in that department!

I've smoked for 37 years. Quit once for three months, gained thirty pounds. Never lost it.

My ass also hurts, for other reasons, and will hurt like fury on the 29th.

Several medications I've taken over the years have caused this to happen to me. I know the worst two were Zoloft and Effexor. Just a thought. Kris

I used to go outside with you, when you smoked. But I always got that weird look from people like "Um... what are you doing outside?"

You just don't have me around to go for walks anymore. Must be taht. ;-)

I fought for a diagnosis of PCOS for 10 years. I knew that my calorie intake was low enough for me to loose weight. Anyway, it turns out that PCOS gives you a slow metabolism, now that I am on the right meds I'm loosing weight, and pregnant.

Granny Now I want a smoke. Thanks dude. :P

Tom I hadn't noticed. I generally just link to those who amuse me without worrying about the "link reciprication". I'm going to bug my doctor next time I'm there, because my lungs are REALLY tight, and I have a smoker's cough again despite NOT smoking for almost 2 years.

Talk Thanks. I'm actually, well I meant to start that yesterday, and forgot. Starting today.

Nicole I know that the sitting down all day loving Coke is a problem as well. And if I ever touch a smoke again, I'll be done for. I figure I just have call center butt.

Without You I'm SO tempted to start again some days, but I also know that most people end up not losing the smokers pack. So I'll just persevere. sigh....

kris GODS I wish I had a med to blame. But I don't. But it's also why I WON'T be taking any...my family is HUGE.

Nat I'm sure you're right about the walks. That's why I'm making a point of getting out for one every day.

Jen THAT is why I'm scared. because my body feels off, and I think something is wrong. But they never listen.

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