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I walked the roads for you today
because of you
some might say
in spite of you

sirens roared past and I
immediately felt you,
soft cold hands
wrapped tight around
food that is not food
my fingers
your life

and water came unbidden as I
saw you once again tube tied
to a bed in some room that
never was your room so
white so dripping in
frozen time I cannot begun to tell

those roads surrendered my
grief unto themselves
absorbing, breathing in
as the air escaped

let go

the aching sky mentions

let it all go

I see your dead eyes again. The sky has claimed them.

Mommy, I miss you. My daughters miss what they don't have. My father misses his wife. Please come home.

We loved you.

Beautiful and I hope it helped you to write it.

I thought about you this morning before I turned on my lap top. Also last night as I was reading "Tickled Pink" by Rita Rudner. She lost her mom at 13 from cancer as well.

Try to have a good day, tell your babies a wonderful story about their grandma.

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I know today was hard for you. Hope you're doing okay...

Unrelatd: looks like you've got a spam comment. Does this mean the wicked word verf is in your future?

that was absolutely BEAUTIFUL - heartbreaking but beautiful :'-( I can only IMAGINE how you are all feeling but my thoughts are with you (came by via blogmad) I am so sorry that you had to go throught this but still - your words are BEAUTIFUL!! they really are! xxx

Thanks guys. I think this came out pretty well, considering it was written in my head on a walk to work, and barely tweaked.

And I don't mind the spam. So no worries. The evil word verf will not rear it's head. :P
Side Note
AND to add insult to injury, I had to have an internal exam yesterday as part of getting my appt for a tubal. I had my period. I've never been so bloody uncomfortable, or wanted to just plain old cry in the doctors office as I did yesterday. And now I have a fucking rotten headache.

But it's payday, and the day is half over. So yeah.

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