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Moments of my life I'll never see again

"Vivian, please stop licking the pine cone. Pine cones aren't for licking"

It's been one of those "toddlers are the bane of my existance and I wonder if the circus would take her for money" kind of weeks. Don't get me wrong, I love my kid to pieces, which is what I think infuriates me even more. Just like every other toddler in existance, she has not only located my buttons, but she has pushed them so hard that all the writing has worn off.

THAT kind of week. Kicking and screaming and yelling OH MY!

I know it a phase, and that it's necessary. I know that it's scary for her, but man, somedays, I really do want to stand her on the deck for an hour or so in the rain. She started grinding her teeth, mostly because I cannot abide that noise. And she stares at me while she does it.

More disturbingly, while playing, she said "Bunny is sad". I asked her why. She said "Bunny can't find his family." Again, I asked why.

"They died. They got hurt."


Mostly, I'm assuming this is just something cobbled together from her cartoons, since she has this one Diego show where the Maiasaura looks for her family, but the part about being hurt and dying....while I usually don't pull punches about death, I've never connected those dots for her before, nor has anyone else in her life. It was kinda creepy, and worriesome. I'm sure it's nothing but..

and then, she can turn, and while having her hair washed and made into points, can blurt out,
"I HAVE HORNY HAIR!" So I'm sure she's perfectly normal, and I'm just extra special paranoid this week.

And it's still raining. It's been raining for about 5 days now. Sigh..

Dor, I laughed at this post so hard.

Which means that whenever the day comes for me to give birth to somebody's child, I'm going to remember this moment. And I'm going to know I'm being punised for it! ;)

You'll pay. Just as I am.....

i love kids! um, as long as they're not mine... and oh yeah, just wanted to say your posts are great! they're everything i've always wanted to say, yay.

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