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My American Friends....

....your fearless leader has scared me in the past, but not nearly as much as he's currently scaring me. This CRAP with Iran needs to stop. I can't shake the continual image of a schoolyard bully. It's ok if he has a big stick, but no one else can. I support the removal of ALL nuclear weapons, not the removal of nuclear weapons from countries Georgie Porgie fells are bad people. Good luck fighting a three front war. And can I tell you how much I look forward to the possibility of nuclear fallout? (not that I believe Iran has missiles capable of reaching North America). Pissing off China and Russia. Wow. I know he wants a return to good ol'family values, but I didn't realize recreating the Cold War was part of that as well.

It's a little scary to think of. What is it that makes your president start wars, and wonder off to start new ones before finishing any?

He is an odd, scary man is'nt he!
Well.. even if he does start another war, it won't make him any less popular than he is now and he can leave the crap for others to clean up after he is gone.....

I want to shake my friends who decided not to go vote because "the line was too long" every time Bush pulls this shit. I was 8.5 months pregnant and I stood in line for 3 hours to vote along with all the little old republican men and women pushing their walkers. Didn't see hardly anyone my age there.

Don't call him MY president because I didn't vote for the asshole. I'd give MANY things that I hold dear if someone would yank his dumb ass out of the White House...by any means necessary!

Yes, this thing with Iran scares the hell out of me. It amazes me that in the midst of his lowest approval ratings ever, he's still willing to push through with a plan like this.

I can't be bothered with all that. TomKat had the baby and "American Idol" voted off Ace tonight.

Recipe for Tex-Mex Annihilation:

Two cups sibling rivalry
A tablespoon of shriveled penis
A pinch of knowledge (no more than a pinch)
Equal parts of self-doubt and self-importance
Ten lbs. of Southern Baptist bullshit

Mix vigorously with a silver spoon

Quickly pour mixture into a dark, covered pan (Make sure to limit exposure to external light).

Place in an oven until the Apocalypse.

Serve warm.

Taoski: ODD is the LEAST of the adjectives I'd use.

Caitlin: I always say that no one can complain if they don't vote. I will NEVER understand why people don't.

NicoleSorry-I don't mean YOUR president like it's your fault. I mean it like "your" itcy butt-something you have through no fault of your own. And I think he's just clearly demonstrating that he has ALWAYS had an agenda that had nothing to do with the voice of his consituents.

Eden You summed up North American culture quite nicely there. I like it.


OMFG I got the tags to work!!!!


Hello thordora. Just want to say that I kinda like reading your blog.

You might be interested in this piece by Bert Bigelow, a fine writer and columnist. Lot of valid points there.

He's what they call "other directed" in addition to being stupid. He hears voices from God telling him what to do.

Now God is telling him to turn the entire world into a glass factory.

Not my Prez either - matter of fact not anyone's. He cheated his way into both elections - same as he cheater his way out of Viet Nam and through college.

Maybe you're too close - even in Canada.

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