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Sad Moments in TIme

This THING. This thing has rooted it's way into my house, thanks to 9, 050 Shoppers Optimum Points.

It's pure evilness. But necessary evil. We have crap, office type carpet in the basement of horrors, and my MIL blew up the powerhead on the vacuum awhile back. (I couldn't get mad since she bought it for us in the first place) I told myself I'd never ever ever buy any kind of Swiffer.

That's sorta like when you said your kid will never ever ever watch TV or eat white bread. Best Laid. Plans.

I now have this, and the plain Swiffer. I am ashamed to admit that I totally dig them, especially the Carpet Flick. Even Vivian can use it, and it WORKS. All those annoying Vegetable Thins crumbs? GONE. The weird STUFF underneath where my Dad sits? GOODBYE!

It's like magic.

I feel bad about all the packaging though...sorta.

I'm "meh" about the Carpet Flick. Our floor is so dog-hair-coevered that I have to vacuum first, then Flick so what's the point? Frankly is a Magic Clean Eraser doesn't clean it, nothing will (IMO).

Wake me up when Mr Clean comes for the dog hair.

I LOVE my wetjet, and recently got the carpet flick, although I've not tried it out yet....but....caution if you think of getting a wet jet as well, little ones LOVE to press the button and waste ALL of the cleaning solution, invariably coating nearby shoes, coats, or furniture that might get in the way of the stream.

Paul loves the carpet flick. He's in that stage where he loves pushing things around. Of course, he never wants to push it over where he just left a trail of crumbs. He also thinks the orange handle is a phone. It has a high enough toddler amusement value that I can count on 10 uninterrupted minutes for lunch if I hand the carpet flick to him. For me, that's priceless :).

For a contraption that's supposed to make your life easier it sure does LOOK complicated!

But I can understand what a little miracle it probably is around a busy household filled with kids. It would also be pretty beneficial to me...if I ever decided to clean something.

I missed putting you on bloglines. Rectifying immediately.

I've avoided the swiffer just like I avoid floors whenever possible. I can usually find a sucker to wield a broom in exchange for privileges. (Used to be Ray's job - he loves floors)

I may have to try it.

OK, Rowan, the wetjet incident cracked me up this morning, because that's EXACTLY why I'd never get it. And incidentally, if anyone gets an email about how "dangerous" the Wetjet fluid is, I already snoped it, and it's, as expected, a load of hooey.

Eden, I find the best pet hair solution is anyone in black dress pants. Works everytime.

Caitlin-vivian and Paul would get along just fine. She's been cleaning the floor since I brought it home. I went into the girl's room earlier to find the Flick, the Swiffer, and strangely, one lonely sandal in their closet..odd

Nicole-Actually, it looks worse than it is. It was quite simple to put together. And for me, after work, that's saying something.

Granny-Thanks! And I actually find these dohickeys useful for the "inbetween" days (i.e.-I can't be arsed to really clean). They don't get anything REALLY clean, just people are coming over, let's look impressive clean.

Damn, damn, damn. I don't want it to look good. I don't want it to be so invititing. And now you've just made it worse.

*whines* I want one.

(Sorry I haven't been around much. Bluesy blues.)


p.s. I recall you blogging a while back about a "special" 1st birthday present. What did you end up doing? "Peanut" will be turning a year next month and now I have the same dilemma. :(

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