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Because I'm lazy

and because the post I WANT to write will take longer than the 10 mins I want to waste before I go the hell home on this Monday that actually went quickly, here are my oddly adorable daughters. And no, neither my husband nor I can figure out HOW they got so damn cute.

And can someone tell me why I'm hopelessly addicted to "cocktail peanuts"? Or why there are so many euphemisms for genitalia in that group of words?

Aww, look at THEM!!!

And what do you mean ODDLY adorable??? Don't make me come over there and deck you, Dor!

They're beautiful and why not?

Cocktail peanuts are probably better for us than honey roasted which I don't dare even walk past in the store.

(They jump into the cart when I'm looking elsewhere) and I can't just let them sit there and go stale, can I?


Cute, cute, CUUUUUTE!!!

You already know that but it's always nice when others think so too. ;o)


I can't get over their eyes! Beauties!!!

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